Some Suggestions for Recording Notes

Two features that I’d like to see in Renoise :slight_smile:

1.) Start Recording on Note Input (stolen from FL Studio ;))

FL has this feature where playback/recording is only starting when you start entering a midi note. I have found this to be a really fun and useful feature.

2.) Non overdub record mode

recording mode where the playhead erases all the notes it passes and doesn’t overdub notes when recording in a looped pattern.

anyone else got some good ideas?

I have just programmed a specific LUA tool for this. I’ll post it shortly… I think this option should be native. But hey, I’ve tried it and it certainly helps!

This should be native. If I were to build a tool, it should counteract Renoise’s automatic note accumulation recording by clearing the line and placing the recorded note in the first note column. But this is not the most appropriate. There should be a native option for this.

Renoise is still green in some things …

By the way, many ideas or suggestions that are in the forums recently can be achieved with LUA tools.

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Wow! Raul your the best :smiley: thanks for this