Some Tracks On Soundcloud, Old And New

there you go, enjoy listening!
from break to striaght, from fast to ultra ;)

harter shit! sehr geil. :)


“crimescene” kixx asses, it´s wild and rough! about the speedcore-stuff it´s a two-bladed sword. i think that in the years 2001/2002/2003 i´d surely like them. but nowadays it´s more the really (in my opinion) FRESH hardcore that makes me go. in this topic is an example of that what i mean Endonyx - Hulk Smash




Hard as nails shit! Not sure I can really name a standout track or moment and not sure there’s really anything I would personally drop in a set myself. Sounds like it would go down well in general at some of the hardcore/speedcore/breakcore parties I’ve been to/involved in though :)

thanks guys. i’m playing live on april 30th in kiel and june 30th in berlin - come and enjoy ;)