Somebody wanna buy my renoise license

That’s enough.
What a fucking prick.
Taktik, I would like to fuck you in the ass with bread knife.


Who wanna buy my license?
Account valid until Renoise 3.2

PM me if interested.

edit: stupid mother fucking cunts?! Don’t you have life.
I will rape Conner_Bw, his gf, mother, father and cat with chainsaw…

Still selling license, super cheap. 5 euros fair enough?

thiss fucking forum…
now I remember again why I haven’t been here for a years…

You do realise that’s not the real one?

Nice sense of humour failure either way.

Robert. I posted that. It’s a fake account. The password for that account is: foobar

This time, for real though, I think I speak for everyone when I say holy shit check the back stage!

Have fun fucking people in the ass.

best thread ever?

…and we had some…

omfg… the release notes are up!

I waited for years for this video to be finally posted on this forum on a related thread…

Chow, is that you?

Conner_bw have you also started the account? Because you might very well be sued for identity theft. And law peoples often think that’s a heavier crime than the actual tity theft.

Eyo. No jokes about release dates, outside of the designated thread. That’s what gets my vote.

PS @ OP if I were you I’d just quit the forum. Like, put next to in your hosts or something. It helps.
I think the team will still send you an e-mail when 3.0 is officially out, so yeah, what more do you need? Forum’s got so much lameness that you can really only choose to get accustomed to it or try and not read anything on it.
Also… you have issues

I will. Just log into backstage so we can finish the transaction. To transfer your license to me, click on the button marked “Download Renoise 3.0”

They’re just joking around.
The post is even wisely edited.