What's up, Renoise.com?

K, I’ve missed what… like a year, at least? Maybe 2?

Bring me up to speed here, people.

I quit but still post.

Renoise 3 speculation thread is over a year old.

The homepage was last updated 10 months ago.

Lots of new Lua tools.

On track for something!

nice draw, taktic :) first i was like : uuh, some nice sarcastic, then, running to backstage, smashed me against the closed door, typed hastly the password, smashed me against the door, stumbled in and … no renoise 3 XD
pwned pvcf -.-

Oh wow… you weren’t kidding. I’m honoured! downloads Renoise 3.0

stop kidding me -.- run into that trap the second time XD

You have to look better to the download links.
(That piano roll looks mighty fine btw, last minute improvement show quite a lot…)

Aweso…wait a tic.

No mather what, nice to have you back!

aaaaaaaaaaaah, found it :

Perhaps Renoise 1Gbit? Looks cooler than 128 bit

I actually think:

“Renoise 3.0 - Holy shit check the backstage!”

Should be the release’s official tagline TBH.

taktic just watching us :D

Welcome back.