Somewhat Cheesy 90's G-funk

geddit! mellow mode (link updated).

comments appreciated. :)

Bring back that sweet G-funk era… Good stuff!

heh, this is nice.
sounds authentic and doesn’t sound like it was made on a tracker at all.

Smoke em if ya got em.
yeeeaaaahhhhh. you know what I’m talkin 'bout.

sounds good what did you use for the bass if you dont mind me asking? sounds really clean.

glad you like it. B)

trackernoob, the bass was made with the zebra 2 vst.

thanks, i love it

Ah, Mitch, if you didn’t know yet. I played your track in Remixta aswell. :)


what’s this remixta you speak of? xD

edit: nevermind, just noticed your sig, hehe. anyway, cool. :)

good stuff!

Man…really pro!

dude I dreamt about this song last night! I also dreamt you sampled Jennifer Lopez for the bassline

“This file has been deleted for the following reason: too old”

it’s on my myspace (sig).

prei26, the only thing i’ve sampled for this track is my own voice through a talkbox tube. :)

Nice, Very classy and prosounding, Daft Punk Discovery on Ganja!

Smoke it up, get high, this shit’s gonna make you fly!

Jättebra… till at vara svensk musikk :)

crisp…i love the zebra…

I have a question.
After I read this little comment, it had me thinking for a while, untill I just felt I had to bring it up.

What does this mean really?
The reason this bugs me is that, I’ve read this comment many times before in here. When something is “too good to have been made on a tracker”.

Why is this?

cos trackers tend to sound like breakcore or chiptunes ;)

I dunno, I just meant this track sounds quite organic and flows nicely.
As in the quantization, delay and overall space here make it sound like
the track could’ve been played by a band rather than by a computer.

I’m fully aware that lots of people make awesome music with trackers
(people on this forum get quite defensive sometimes) but a typical
sound on a tracker is kinda straight 4/4 kicks that don’t sound human
at all.

Basically, I mean that’s the stuff people make when they first start, and
as they progress they learn to humanize stuff, add delay, etc. Just make
stuff sound more organic. This track does this in a real nice way.

It was a compliment to mister murder, not a diss to trackers.

Hey Niall, I didnt mean to be defensive, I’m just saying that I think people in general, who make music, consider tracker software to be primitive, and only capable of making - as prei said - breakcore and chiptunes.

But tunes like this, and Neil Gallagher (is that his name? Shaper) and plenty of others who make organic and “un-electronic-sounding” tracks on Renoise, will hopefully erase this faulty perception some people may have regarding tracker-software.

I also think adding vocals to tracks makes them sounding alot more “believable”.