song/shuffle settings & shortcut for instrument fx


first of all, thanks for Renoise 3. instrument overhaul is totally mindblowing!

i have two questions:

  1. i’m missing song settings. i saw template song save/delete has been moved to File menu, but where is other stuff from that section - especially shuffle settings…

  2. i wanted to setup a keyboard shortcut to [Focus/show Instrument FX] but there’s no such entry in Keyboard Settings.

keep it up1

There is indeed no option for 2, but i have seen a few asking for those as well.

thanks vV, found the groove/shuffle one.

re 2), it just seems very logical that this option should be there - the same way as there is a possibility to set a shortcut for Focus/Show Sample Editor, Focus/Show Sample Keyzones and Focus/Show Sample Modulation.