Songs That Inspire Us

I burned a cd for my car the other day of songs that I truly relished and thought I would ask others here some songs that perhaps give you composing inspiration or just move you in general.

Genre does not matter. Just post anything you like.

Here are some examples of mine -

Aphex Twin - Melodies from Mars - song - track 11

Aphex Twin - I care because you do - song - Alberto Balsalm

Aphex Twin - " " - song - Next heap with

Panacea - Tron

Gary Jules - Mad world (from Donnie Darko soundtrack)

gza/genius - killah hills 10304 (or almost all songs from the liquid swords lp)
ghostface killah - marvel
company flow - the whole funcrusher LP

almost oldschool hiphop. but still really cool to remember where i actually started to understand making beats.

squarepusher - steinbolt
beefcake - nearly all tracks
lots of tracks from m3rck records, they have an online radio on their site

I love Panacea - Tron. Was so pissed off when I lost it with my bag of most loved, f****ed up jungle and breakcore on my birthday at the fiasco that was czech tek this yeah :(

Other similars that are now gone.

Ice Minus - Zen
Decoder - Fog
TIC - Controllled Explosion

just for a couple of the old jungley ones. I don’t want to think about it anymore :’(

above post is from me, forgot to login, sorry.

Songs that changed my direction or inspired me to write (too many):

Lateralus - Tool
H - Tool
Echoes - Pink Floyd
Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
High Hopes - Pink Floyd
Fluid Filled Lungs - James DXU
Please Don’t - James DXU
I’ll See Your Face Again One Day - James DXU
I Don’t Live - Ryan Sanders
The Cry of Mankind - My Dying Bride
Signal To Noise - Peter Gabriel
Darkness - Peter Gabriel
Digging In The Dirt - Peter Gabriel
Tha - Aphex Twin
Bouncing Buec234f8whatever Ball - Aphex Twin
At The Heart of It All - Aphex Twin
Flake - Silo
Cream Puff - Silo
Telegraph Road - Dire Straights
Private Investigations - Dire Straights
Crises - Mike Oldfield
Regular People - Pantera
This Love - Pantera
Eternal Dismemberment Complex - Damaged
Running Up That Hill - Kate Bush
Cloudbusting - Kate Bush
Under Ice - Kate Bush
Hello Earth - Kate Bush
Breathing - Kate Bush
Epic - Faith No More
Cuku for Caca - Faith No More
Replica - Fear Factory
One - Metallica
Truth - Devin Townsend
The Death of Music - Devin Townsend
Junita - Underworld
Banstyle/Sappy’s Curry - Underworld
Children - Robert Miles (yeah I know…)
All Cats Are Grey - The Cure
A Forest - The Cure
The Fly - U2
Mysterious Ways - U2
Lemon - U2
The Package - A Perfect Circle
Dead Guy - Ministry
Dead Man Walking - David Bowie
Ashes To Ashes - David Bowie
Insert Title Here - Xerxes/Ron
Drift - Kris Janis/P. Gale
Today - Distance
Human Race Gold - Major Tom
The Way Out Is Through - NIN
Eraser - NIN
Closer - NIN
Gave Up - NIN
Somewhat Damaged - NIN
The Frail - NIN
Ripe With Decay - NIN
Hurt - NIN
Leaving Hope - NIN

…ahahah… I’ll stop now… <_<


any new One…

too many songs inspire or move me… my hd is full of those. here’s a selection that i really really like and that you might know :P (there’s just too many i want to list)

back to bass - i wanna be with you
beach boys - good vibrations
blind guardian - the bard’s song (live)
blue zone - too beautiful
boston - don’t look back/more than a feeling
chicago - hard to say i’m sorry/look away/you’re the inspiration
dune - hardcore vibes
guns n’ roses - estranged
hot chocolate - emma
joan jett - i believe in you
lion - the transformers :D
master blaster/miko mission - how old are you
murray head - one night in bangkok
party animals - have you ever been mellow
rammstein - engel
reo speedwagon - keep on loving you
righteous brothers - you’ve lost that loving feeling
rmb - reality/spring
rolling stones - paint it black
the troggs - with a girl like you
whitesnake - here i go again

squarepusher - My Fcking Sound, -…
sixteenarmedjack - pure murderation (f
ck congo natty)
Soundmurderer_and_SK-1 - telembodanustyle, - dreader than dread, - limb by limb rmx, - everything else…
krinjah - junglist burial
krinjah - champion mindset
sumone - …
dabrye - with a professional
hrvatski - catstep,my kitten,catnip,vatstep, dsp remix
soundmurderer-hardly_explained, - mindkiller, - stick up ‘‘quick mix’’
lydia lunch, teenage jesus an the jerks, 8 eyed spy, beirut slum -
skinny puppy _ last rights, too dark park, - spasmolytic rmx
ministy - stigmata, so what
the orb - …
throbbing gristle - …
big black _ The Rich Man’s Eight Track Tape _ Songs About F*cking -
shellak - …
carlos soulslinger - Jungle Liquid Sky

digable planets -

lake of dracula - servo motor

d’cruze - big up
splash - babylon
undercover agent -
ellis dee -
daz ellis - liquidizer
lemon D - this is los angeles
bloodclaat gangsta youth - kill or be killed (bogdan raczynski remix).mp3
ray keith
0=0 - soda411, - awake, - running
remarc - unity, - thunderclap, -sound murderer, - drum an bass wise - …
the scientist rids the world of the curse of the evil vampire - the corpse rises
istari lasterfahrer - (his mods helped me a lot.)
nick collins & fredrik olofsson or klipp AV -
toplap -
amazon II - booyah
plug expert - dodo jr. (1st 10-15 seconds is amazing, rest just isnt so amazing)
venetian snares_2005_rossz csillag allat szuletett_07_masodik galamb.mp3
snares man - clearance bin
paradox - certain sound, …
ween - pure guava, chocolate an cheese
joy division -
king tubby -
texta - champion sound
gutek -
todd osborn -
dj babu -
dead prez -
krs1 -
mad lion -

just too many…

My favourite albums:

Jarre - Zoolook
ABBA - Super Trouper

Less is more… <_<


Well if I go back to when I first started playing about with sound using octamed on the amiga then my influences are fairly clear. Mostly:

Tech Itch (pre Penetration label)
Current Value
The Orb
Future Sound of London

Then there were many years of me not touching a thing.

One of the main tracks that has influenced me since is Venetian Snares - Einstein Rosen-Bridge. Don’t know why, it’s just one of the first tunes with an odd time signature that just makes me wanna dance.

Then of course loads of people like 0=0, belladonnaskills, bong-ra and stuff like Chevron and Flahbulb make me want to get a little less dirty and more electronic style.

Too many good artists out there to only name a few. Especially when I can’t deny inflences of people like Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix and the list goes on and on. But doing purely electronic music these people are obviously a little more distanced withhin my actual work.

Aphex Twin - Vordhosbn


Many things really, but currently:

third track on Bogdan Raczynski’s Boku Mo Wakaran,

The Trees by Autechre

The Message by Grandmaster Flash

Montreal inside the place! Nice one.


(Drum & Bass)

Alpha Omega - Don’t Believe It
Bay B Kane - Unfolding Perspective pt. 1
Bizzy B & Equinox - The Brain Crew
Bizzy B - Strength
D’Cruze - Ruff Intelligence Revisited
D’Cruze - Want You Now (DJ SS & EQ Mix)
D’Cruze - Watch Out
Dark Soldier - Bloodclot Jungle Techno
Dj Creation - X-Files
Dj Legacy & Dread Knight - The Riddle
Dj Nut Nut - The Rumble (Open Your Mind Mix)
Ed Rush - The Force Is Electric (Remix)
Ice Minus - Jabba
J & J - Midnight (Amen Mix)
Mark Caro - Itch It Up
Sci-Clone - Melt
SDR & Subsonic - Speakers
Seba - Piema For B
Soundclash - Armed & Dangerous
Squarepusher - Port Rhombus
Subnation - Scottie (Cool Breeze Mix)
The Invisible Man - Twisted
Total Science - Borderline 2000
Twisted Anger - Tramp

GONG Master Builder


-Master Builder, tell me how you make a temple ?

-Tools and moon stones,
you don’t really need them, you know…

-Master Builder, tell me what the temple’s made of ?

-Deep inside you,
you can build an invisible temple in your own imagination
if you will…

good Luck, Light, Luv for your building sessions…robert

whatever gets played @butan/wuppertal every 1st saturday of the month inspires the hell out of me.
dj’s / producers that played/performed live there recently:
sven väth
adam beyer
rob acid
marco carola
johannes heil
sven wittekind
gayle san
takkyu ishino
chris liebing
dj rush
pet duo

goldie - sea of tears
orbital - are we here?
10,000 maniacs - stockton gala days
natalie merchant - ophelia
twarres - well hello
tori amos - icicle
mary chapin carpenter - passionate kisses
machine drum - drum the machine
michelle branch - sweet misery
toto - africa
reo speedwagon - i can’t fight this feeling anymore
bon jovi - undivided
bad religion - sowing the seeds of utopia
reel big fish - where have you been
wax poetic - angels
lene marlin - more songs than i can count to put on here
banaczech - to zlin and back

plenty more, but that’s just a few