Sonic charge cyclone as fx

One of my favourite software samplers is the sonic charge cyclone , yamaha tx16w emulator
Sadly , the only way to sample directly into is to insert it as an effect ,
The workaround of renaming the dll to fx dll ( recommended on the sonic charge site ) is not working in renoise

Normaly the vst is called Cyclone.dll , duplicating the dll to Cyclone FX.dll and a config file to enable the inputs does nothing
It loaded once as an effect in renoise , but then Renoise would get all smart :slight_smile: and present a pop up it was an instrument , from then on it just totally ignores it as an effect
Both the instrument dll and renamed Fx.dll show up in instruments now
Too bad , because It’s such a wonderfull instrument for real time crunchy sampling


There’s a semi bug/hidden feature in Renoise which we’ve never fixed, cause it also can be useful:
If you open up the plugin Instrument list, you can drag and drop an instrument into an FX chain.

Notes can then be triggered to the FX by creating a VST FX alias as new instrument.

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I use this software heavily too.Great stuff.I think i understand what your saying.You know it can read aiff files?

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…I’ll be damned.

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Awesome !
But can’t get cyclone to sample at all ; renopise just totally ignores cyclone’s audio inputs
Just dragging theinstrument version into a channel , nada
Strange because in reaper in reaper it does.
@Toybox , have you got it working ?

No unfortunately not, I tried like you.So what I did is I made a few virtual floppy disks with aiff files stored on them.So I have tons of floppies now but I can’t sample into I just use the floppies to process samples.But there’s no options or anything like that.

Even still it sounds fantastic.

Yeah strange , why it doesn’t work
Normally you should even hear the (virtual ) noise level rise when mic input is selected instead of line , but even that doesn’t occur

Taktik m could you shine some light as why it doesn’t work
Quick steps to go into samlping mode
Click on sample button
Make sure input potentiometer is turnend clockwise
Move cursor ( with arrow buttons ) to '‘GO’
All is done with the mouse pointer

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YUY , I got it working but a different approach
I copy -pasted and renamed cyclone.dll to CharleneFX.dll with accompanying confg file
It loaded as an effect and can now sample , make sure that autospend plugin is turned off
You can then either trigger the sampler with an instrument , but I tendo to just save it as an fxp and load it in a regular vst instance of cyclone ( which can be used multitimbral and has separate outputs )
Still it would be great if we could just use taktiks’ approach

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You fuckin legend you.Maximum respect.Try this later when I’m off work.


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Just learned about a fantastic feature on the cyclone
The ability to control parameter values with any midi cc number
Go to system set up , set slider , choose any cc nr ( default is 6 ) , when = always
now insert a renoise midi cc device , choose cc6
Now every parameter on cyclone can be adjusted with the slider instead of using the buttons

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I tried a similar config for a poppy. Something I didn’t succeed. can someone explain how to do it right?

Mac doesn’t really use .dll ( dynamic link library ) , so I am afraid that solution won’t work

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Ok. Thnx. Maybe next time