Sort Notes To Subtracks By Pitch When Recording Chords Via Midi

Sorting notes to subcolumns by pitch when recording chords would greatly reduce work needed when distributing chords for multiple instruments. Changing bass note to bass instrument would be simple task of selecting column and swapping instruments with ext edit instead of hunting around or rerecording basenotes as solo. Arranging notes this way might also make it easier to read chords (lowest pitch on the left).

This might be way too late for current beta program but it would be oh so nice to have.

This feature should ideally be a subject for the “Advanced Edit” context menu, to be manually called and applied to selection/track/pattern/song rather than as a default behaviour for all input of notes. But it’s a good suggestion.

+1, I have wished for this several times.

nice one

Only problem I can foresee is that, if it then aligns notes on the left, it’s not always the lowest note you want replacing. Chords aren’t always playing at once. You may start with one chord then just change a single note, leaving the rest still playing, and any auto alignment could play havoc with this kind of thing.


I think I quite don’t follow. Unwanted alignment won’t happen if this feature is in advanced edit.

This editing option would be also useful for orchestral stuff when it’s necessary to divide chords to different instruments.

Sorry my mistake, as an option in Advanced Edit it makes perfect sense and could see it being useful as long as it’s able to retain note lengths. Again hard with samples as you might not be using a Note Off as the samples just plays out anyway.

+1. Being recorded in order surely helps faster and easier post-editing.