Source recision - looking at steel

I’ve recently released a few tracks I’ve made almost exclusively with renoise (track no.3 was made on ableton ages ago)

inspiration was mostly from areas surrounding my hometown as well as my childhood.

it’s a free download too, so give it a spin yo



Granular synthesis…No?

in this release? I’ve used it a couple of times with a max msp patch my friend made. or are you referring to something else?

oh! that’s weird, i didn’t do that, i’ll doublecheck on that lol, thanks!

Someone need help for this technique

lol dude you got me suuuper confused

I really enjoy your sound. Glitchy, off kilter drums, wistful synths and samples. Everything feels just out of reach. Please keep making stuff like this!

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So you have used MAX-MSP for granular?

Simple question

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I don’t ask him to explain his technic…


“Be quiet”? How about you stop harassing him and flooding every song demo post with oblique “recommendations” or comments.

MAX MSP is powerfull and costly


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I am very conscious that I don’t post any music from my own

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Everything feels just out of reach.

thanks! that’s exactly what I was going for :slight_smile:

So you have used MAX-MSP for granular?

I have used a patch my friend made for himself, yes.