Spectrum Analyzer View

Something like this:

I’m using Seven Phases Spectrum Analyzer atm but I think rns could do it better. The current master spectrum is good for finding naughty frequency’s but another view like this would be great for final mixing.

nice mockup, good effort. there are several other threads about the master spectrum already. check it out:

Yeah, I want this too, especially when mastering. I’ll use that vst meanwhile - thanks.

I like the mockup very much.

And, for something off-topic and probably something that will make me look very stupid: in many screenshots I saw those coloured lines above the tracks. What are they? : D


They are called peaks. They stay there for some time and falls down more slowly than the bar itself. This will show if you have something sudden and bad going on at any frequency.

The way to show the peak above is not very common in spectrum analyzers I think. I prefer the old fashioned way.

Lol, no :D
I’m talking about the horizontal lines below the track names. I’m pretty sure my Renoise doesn’t have them

Track Colours.

And in that mockup they don’t look like peaks to me, but rather a line showing a more solid line representation of the response, rather than just bars. Even though many of them do sit slightly above the bars…

Turn them on by right clicking in the pattern are and selecting “show track colors”.

That line is a visualization of peaks. You can download the vst at http://sevenphases.wordpress.com/spectrum-analyzer/ if you need to verify.