So I’ve been trying to record some guitar and stuff over top of my track. I click on a blank sample and hit RECORD. I have the START WHEN PATTERN PLAYS option on. I record and all is fine.

However, it would make a ton of sense to also have a feature that puts markers/splits in said sample to represent “takes”. So lets say I’m jamming to a drum pattern on my bass, playing the same riff over and over, it should have the keyboard map splits so I can pick out the best take. Doing this manually isn’t that fun as sometimes the wav form is so mangled from distortion pedals it’s hard to pin point the right time.

This should be easy to implement and would add tons of value to the wave editor in renoise.

Even with direct input recording, if you record long enough it’s really difficult to find where a takes start and end.

Yep. This seems like something so esay for the devs to implement. Literally :

if(startOfNewPattern) {  
 sample.addNewSliceMarker($currentRecordTime - $latency);  

dBlue once created the SlicestoPattern tool. It might be possible to reverse the procedure by using the same key-tricks and slice on the already recorded sample.