Split-send Device

I find myself wanting to split channels into different freq bands quite a lot these days, usually for sending the high parts of bass sounds through a drum compressor and keeping the low parts separate so they don’t interfere with a nicely ducking kick drum.

This is already possible in Renoise using filters and multiple send devices but is a bit fiddly to setup, you’re also a bit left in the dark where crossover frequencies are concerned and have to correct it by ear which isn’t ideal.

So this is my idea for a ‘Split Send’ Device. A track would be split up (with a specified crossover amount, including a comepletely ‘clean’ option) into any number of bands (up to 8 maybe?), each of which would be sent to a separate send channel.

Hopefully this mockup will explain all this better than me rambling on about it.


(click for 100% view)

Also… think of the insane multiband effect beasts you could make!

I’m curious how your YouTube tutorial would look like if you would demonstrate that with the current hassle method…

Innovative, and perfect for multiband compression, on paper of course. Practically I don’t know…

Practically, it works great. I’ve done this many times using cumbersome stacks of native Renoise send devices and filters. This would just be a nice way of packaging all that mess up into a single tidy box.

It would be extremely useful, no?

So low, mid, and hi are S00, S01 and S02 respectively. /Captain Obvious

Very cool idea, +1 from me.

What about phasing problems?

But is this not the same as if you clone your track to two another tracks (if you want 3 bands) and put filters on each track? Then you are free to do some note variations etc. in them also and are not bound to the “master” track.

Of course it would. The world “Practically” was used to imply the implementation phase in my earlier post here. And that’s something devs should talk about. :)

Yeah I’ve heard a few unwanted phasing tones using the D.I.Y method, I guess this crosses over into the remit of the plugin delay compensation problem. …Although I imagine if all the filtering and splitting occurs in this one ‘split-send device’ rather than across several chains of filters and sends, then at least the signals will arrive at their send tracks in-phase.

What d’you mean clone? If you just mean having 3 tracks with the exact same patterns in them, then that would only be practical with native sample instruments (and no hungry effects pre-splitting).

Ah ok. I really hope people can see the potential in this! If I get a spare minute later on I’ll make a quick XRNS to demonstrate how useful it can be for mixing bass with drums.

i really like this idea,and i can see how usefull a feature it would be to have,so im in for something like this :D

It’s a nice idea.

A DSP-savvy friend of mine said that phasing issues could be solved by using a subtractive phase design. But don’t ask me to explain what that means :slight_smile: