Splitting MIDI keyboard (again)

I would like a range of keys on my MIDI keyboard to play my “Lead” VSTi and another range to play my “Drums” VSTi.


I’ve looked at the posts and tutorials on here for how to split my MIDI keyboard and they didn’t really help me much at all. So… I figured it out and I hope this post helps somebody else out that’s trying to do the same thing.

First I configured my Drums like this:

3G23J2k.png z3omr0L.png

Then I configured Lead like this:

X3YFsPT.png VCQYeVZ.png

Theoretically this should give me drums on keys C3 thru B3. But I could only hear a drum on B3… I needed to transpose Drums up an octave to give me the standard bassdrum and snare on my C3 and D3 keys with this: VeuBvmg.png