Stacked Multi Track Spectrum Analysis

for mastering, it would be really helpful to see how frequencies in different tracks add up. For example mixing bass guitar with kick drum, it’s easy for levels to become unnecessarily high, and seeing them stacked in an analysis could really help mastering.

I think the best way to deal with this would be a spectrum analyzer which can show the analysis broken down by track, stacked.

something like

It would be great for renoise to support something like this. any thoughts? I know of a VST that can do something similar, but it doesn’t stack the signals so it’s still not ideal imo.

Yeah, I use Gliss for this, works a treat.

+1 for Renoise, although I find the analyser far too quick to be of real use.

(should this be in Ideas and Suggestions?)

That looks sweet, great idea!

Is that a vote for analyser peaks and configurable peak falloff speed?

Why yes it is :D

Yes, yes, and yes.

what about moving averages?! FFT’s for track scopes? would ever of these actually be useful?

I think it would be smarter to use external spectrum analyser suite. I personally would vote for the internal spectrum analyser to be replaced with a spectogram with user controlled transformation size.

Yeah, great idea.

To add to this, it would be great have the ability to see what is causing whichi move movement on a spectrum…

Maybe we could have a colour coded spectrum… Each track (or specifiable tracks), have a colour each

This would be amazing for EQ!!!

But rendering all tracks individually, analysing, going back to tweak a knob, exporting… nahhhh.


and when tracks including master can be freezed: scrubbing! that is, show the FFT at the current position (which is when moving averages basically become a necessity)

This would be my number 1 requested feature for Renoise 2.O

Is this for figuring out frequency area saturation on the master channel? because then i’ld rather have have a stacked figure panel telling me which frequencies are really in overbalance.

Is it at all possible to have something like a spectral graph that shows combined frequencies of two or more tracks in different colours?

Like, say you’ve got a kick drum track, and a bass guitar track playing together, the rest muted, the spectral graph could show red graphics for kick and blue for bass guitar?

That would come in handy I think.

+1 to everything

+1 too… :lol: