Spectrum/Phasemeter Colors

with the addition of the phase-meter we also require colors in the Spectrum and Phasemeter to make the psychedelic experience truly worthwhile.
click this shit.

Great idea :) Ideal for mastering :)

i just want colors in the Phasemeter so i can space out to the visuals. i don’t give a damn about mastering. :D

I’ve been thinking a lot about the spectrum because I’m such a avid user of Voxengo Span, sometimes I wish those features were in Renoise proper. I’m pretty sure the current spectrum analyser is at a slope of 0. It would be good to be able to set that slope to 4.5. And of course other features such as block size, window length, max and average settings, and smoothing features would all be amazing. But necessary? I can just use Span on the master track. Is this another case of the Linux people missing out?

I’d also like an improved spectrum to be displayed real-time in the new EQ10 / EQ5 windows (which have new dragable points!). But again, not a necessity.