Start Renoise In Sample Mode Disk Browser??

This is really a big deal for me - not knowing how to start Renoise so that cursor focus is either on Instrument Box, or on Disk Browser, and Disk Browser is in Samples mode.

Please, for the love of all things good, help me. How do I accomplish this?

Edit: Try as I might to save with Disk Browser -> Sample chosen, and Expanded Mode on, I’m always bumped to “Disk Browser>Song, Pattern Editor, TrackDSP”.

How do I make Renoise, have cursor focus on disk browser, have disk browser “tab 3” chosen (just like with, and disk browser in expanded mode, and lowest frame as, oh, I don’t know, Instrument Settings with envelope “arrow” expanded?
I find it really confusing I have to change the lowest frame to frame 4 (Song Settings) in order to save a song template, yet the song template doesn’t have specific upper, middle and lower frame selected?

All I can think is have a Global View Preset that is set to this (do they do Focus as well as view?) and have a script that recalls this View Preset on loading or creating new song…

Bear in mind I think View Presets remember exact Folder you were in within the Disk Browser so you will be reset to the base Samples folder (for example)

But Focus is saved with it :)

this one working great

true true Disk Browser Pattern Editor Instrument Settings Disk Browser Sample false false true

and this from dblue’s org.illformed.DefaultWindowPreset.xrnx

Can’t do the Envelopes, or in fact what of the Instrument Settings it will open. It will go to Sample if one is in the selected instrument, MIDI if there are MIDI settings, otherwise PlugIn. New Song obviously has nothing loaded though…

And I was wrong about folder position being saved, seems to always go to the last one you navigated, if does remember if it is Song/Samples/Instruments etc though.

You’re awesome. Thank you very much. Seriously.

You actually replied to the thread where I first posted that snippet:

Thought you would have this trick in your collection by now :)

but it used to really truly mess up back then… corruption of config.xml, etc. while it got fixed, it just never occured to me to check it out again.
I did immediately recognize gmm04e and remembered his posts, but it just kinda had to wait until i couldn’t take it anymore and had to ask

Ack! Perfect except for one tiny detail:

The Beta expires in mm/dd/yy box interferes with the cursor focus on first start of Renoise .D