Starting with Scripting

Hello All,

My first attempt at anything to do with scripting in Renoise has failed dismally quickly.

All I wanted to do was try the Inertial Slider coded by kRAkEn/gORe in the topic here: Inertial Slider

So I thought, the first step, find the scripting editor or whatever, paste the code in there and see what happens. So I followed the instructions here: to enable the scripting tools and edited my config.xml file to set the ShowScriptingDevelopmentTools property to true. But when I re-open Renoise, this seems to have had no effect.

So I try again (making sure to definitely save the config file) but it seems that everytime I open renoise the config.xml file is re-written and the ‘false’ property restored. Does anyone know why this might be?? It’s very early days and I’m not dying to try out any massively ground-braking scripting ideas but it would be a shame if I can’t even paste in code to play around with.

Cheers. :)

1 - First close Renoise
2 - Then edit XML and save
3 - Then reopen Renoise
4 - Then lookup the scripting editor link in the tools menu.
5 - Come back here after falling across the second hurdle

The thing is, you don’t need the Scripting Terminal & Editor to use that machine (did you read that somewhere?). It’s XML code of a device that’s built into Renoise already, so, just paste it in the mixer view and you’ll have a *Inertia device (renamed from the *Formula device) - you can play with that of course but it’s not tool scripting.

:blush: OK I feel really stupid now. I could have sworn that’s what I was doing, but apparently not. It seems your sarcasm was well deserved. It’s now working and I’m hurtling headlong towards the second hurdle! ;)

No I didn’t read it anywhere, I just assumed because it was code you’d need to run it in a scripting environment. But Renoise is even more amazing that I could imagine and you can just paste it right into the mixer! That’s great!

Ah well at least now I’ve learned how to open the scripting editor and break things in an even more involved way!

Cheers guys.

Nevertheless, new (starting) scripters are always welcome.