Steinberg Hypersonic Vst Problems

Hi guys

I have Win7 x64, 8gb ram and good gfx card [without sound card] and I am using Renoise V2.7.2.

The problem is: Hypersonic FORGETS all instruments if I save song, error appears, I igonore it and then save as new name. And no error appears.

Next time I reload song - all instruments are forgotten in Hypersonic and I can say I hardly managed to get Hypersonic to work. It does not work on WinVista so I moved to Win7 [that is perfect system now]. Good choice.

Do you have any other good replacement for Hypersonic - looks like I use it daily and it has one of the best instruments, but rarely work.

Maybe there is another Hypersonic for more modern PCs etc?

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you all.

The problem seems a bit similar to the Kong audio plugins.
They require a different approach to recall preset patches than the method Renoise uses.
I don’t know if it is a rare used method, but it is at least rare that plugins only support this method.

Ok to avoid all problems, what plug-in do you suggest me to buy so it has everything as great as Hypersonic? I haven’t found better and with more “love” created plugins. Looks it has all, and mostly I use it for movning ambiental sounds… It has nearly everything for everybody…

You might also want to look at the other Hypersonic topics (i could track down 2), here’s one mentioning problems when used in the -32bit bridge in 2.8x64 but working without problems in native 32-bit Renoise version:
I don’t know if you have Hypersonic 2 or you still cling onto a older version?

Here is the other topic:
[http://forum.renoise…_1#entry227980?]( p 227980 hl hypersonic fromsearch 1#entry227980?)

As hypersonic has no real demo’s for download, i have no idea what the sounds are like so i can’t do any suggestions on alternatives on this area.

I have this problem with the ‘unofficial’ version, but not with the legal version, which works fine.

You could try Sampletank as a substitute for real instrument sounds (i.e. pianos, etc.), and any other synth VST for the synth sounds. I don’t think its synth is better than many other synth VSTs out there, so you should be able to find a good substitute.

DJNick, just in case you haven’t found this out yet, Hypersonic 2 works properly with JBridge, at least in the 32bit version of Renoise, I have Win 7 64 bit, I think I used the 32 bit version of Renoise because of problems with another VST in the 64 bit version (I think it was Sampletank, but I can’t remember now). It saves all the presets and other settings correctly, and reloads perfectly! (That’s the ‘unofficial’ version of Hypersonic 2.)
I agree that nothing compares to Hypersonic 2 - five instances take up less than two percent of my i7 860! I could have hundreds of tracks playing with it if I wanted.

Thank you very much, just downloading demo of jBridge to see how it will work then :)

Hi DJNick, just to let you know, Hypersonic 2 doesn’t work with the demo version (the demo doesn’t save certain settings, I think), but does work with the full version.

Thanks! Btw, one more important VST questions: does it work finally well but with Edirol Orchestral vst? It is 32bit here [it starts even on my x64 Win7] but forgets all instruments selected, and all other controls. Even does not help saving state [as it seems like it does not have that option that works]. Will Edirol work normally when full version of jBridgev1.5?

I don’t know if Edirol will work as I don’t have it, but I expect it might, since you have the same problem (forgetting instruments) as Hypersonic 2 has without JBridge.

I don’t think a lot of people realise just how good Hypersonic 2 is - the ability to link patches together with such ease is something I wish all other multi-timbral VSTs had - it’s so easy to make new sounds just by linking a two or three bass patches together, for example, with no programming experience at all. There’s just so much in it, the drum kits, the drum patterns, the arpeggiator with about 200 arpeggios and the ability to load any MIDI file as an arpeggio, the combis, and it’s all instant loading, amazing.