Step with arrow-keys in Select Boxes

It would be great if it was possible to step in SelectBoxes with the arrow-keys. If you for example want to test alot of sounds (programs) in a VST-plugin it is very longwinded when you have do a lot of clicks on the mouse every time you want to change instrument (first click on down-arrow beside the selectbox, then make one click on the drag-bar and then drag the bar to the right position and then finaly click on the acctual program you want to chose), it woud be much more smoth if you could just change the value in the selected SelectBox with the up/down arrow-keys ;).

I agree. We need some sort of general widget-editing keys. Both for selecting in selec boxes, changing values of sliders and entering numbers in number boxes. Arrows, pageup/down, home/end and esc (to cancel) would be the natural choise of keys. When clicking a selectbox or slider or doubleclicking a textbox, the keyboard should be routed to this widget.

Keyboard shortcuts for changing vsti program and open vsti editor would make me happy. Saves you hours of mousing. :rolleyes:

Oh… talking about keyboard shortcuts…
Capture instrument (ctrl + right-mouseclick) is great, but most times I dont have my hand on the mouse when I want to capture it. So a keyboard shortcut for that too would rock! :yeah: What about ctrl+enter?

Like windows drop down lists work with mouse wheel is nice aswell: Click on the list (giving it focus) and you can go up/down with the mouse wheel. Of course this would mean implementing widget focus which would be a more general change.

The tooltips here do show SHIFT+Return as shortcut ;)

It did not on the feb 11. 2003 :D



i think you could probably reserve “alt-tab” from windows and use it to page between different components on the current screen, then “tab” between fields and arrow keys to edit field values.

if you could use keys to modify field values and settings it would streamline my renoise usage alot. i think it’s the last major step towards total keyboard-based control.

Sounds like a bad idea to disable the normal alt+tab switching, as many use it to switch between renoise and other apps…

Yes, if anything we should rather go the other way (but not in 1.5) and
stop eating other peoples shortcuts. It’s kind of rude :P

“other apps” ?

AHA!!! johan and martinal have revealed themselves as the noobs they are.

hah! “other apps”. who gives a shit about “other apps”. :P

how about ctrl-alt-tab?

well anywway, rather than arguing over details, is the idea itself sound? and might it find it’s way into a future release?

Which idea? Keyboard focus? Sure, not necressarily exactly as you said
but roughly some keyboard focus is needed in a future version.

Ah, well. Sorry for being a “noob”. I should stop actually
running Renoise while developing it then. :P

I use alt+tab to switch between Renoise and this forum. So if a browser is implemented in Renoise I could live without alt+tab. :rolleyes:

another possibility is to make the keyboard focus move when you push the F1-F8 keys that bring up the different interface panels. it would be a little annoying to have to press some keys twice to switch keyboard focus to a screen that’s already there, but it would be cool way of doing it that wouldn’t require extra keys. if you make it an option in the configs that you can disable, i don’t think anyone would complain.