'Sticky' Master/Sends In Mixer View

(Dunno if this has been suggested - my searches turned up nothing…)

When you’re using enough tracks that your mixer view is scrolling horizontally, it would be great if Master and any Sends you’ve created could stick to the right-hand side - in other words, they’re always visible and the scrolling action essentially tucks the right-most regular tracks under that Master/Send block.

If I’ve got five drum tracks (tracks 0-4) ‘grouped’ (i.e. all sent to S01 and coloured the same), but I’m running 20+ tracks in total, I can never see the individual tracks and their collective Send track at the same time. This makes a lot of Mixer activities very frustrating.

If this tweak were to be made (toggleable, of course - some people won’t want or need it, or will occasionally want the option of seeing a larger number of regular tracks all at once), the Master track’s left-border would have to be made thicker or otherwise more distinct, as has been described in another recent suggestion.

Edit - that suggestion, in this thread, is part of a discussion that’s semi-related to my request… Perhaps mine’s more like a patch for the current layout concept, whereas someone in that thread suggested totally moveable send tracks, so that groups of tracks could be more intuitively laid out. Implementation of either solution would be excellent!

Although I don’t use send tracks that often, this sounds smart having the master section and such always in view. Maybe the coloring of these channels could be more distinct as well?

Yes, p’raps. What I do at the moment is pastel-colour all my real tracks and then send them to a Send track which is the same colour but more opaque…if you see what I mean. So light greens all point to bold green. Maybe the optional full-track colourising that’s been suggested elsewhere could be applied selectively, like only to Master/Send tracks.

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