Strange Track Conflict

This is the weirdest thing.

I have my percussion tracks all grouped together: two kicks, hats, snare, clap, and crashes.

So, I wanted to do a repeater effect on the clap track. I did so, doing the same thing I did for the kick and snare tracks.

But strangely it wasn’t working. After a little fiddling around, I found out that if the hi-hat track was enabled, the repeater effect wouldn’t work on the clap track.

Not only that, but when the hi-hat track was enabled, there was no output from the clap track in the mixer, even though I was still hearing the claps playing! What? I checked to make sure everything was on the correct track, and it was all fine.

This is really weird considering that repeater effects on the kick and snare tracks are just fine. The hi-hat track doesn’t even have repeater effects! Why is it having any effect on the clap track at all?

Could this be some really weird bug with my plugin (Drumatic)? Did I accidentally trip some setting somewhere?

You mention that you use a plugin, you have the routing busses for each percussion sample set to route the audio to the specific track they are instantiated in right?
If you use the same plugin in different tracks without routing the audio to the dedicated tracks, you get weird anomalies with all effects that you try to apply to them because the audio is then only routed through one track at a time and that is at the track where a note is instantiated for that plugin.

Here’s a post I made back in 2010 which describes how to correctly route each sound in Drumatic 3 to a separate track in Renoise:

There’s also an example .XRNS song if you get stuck.

dblue, could you please clarify, if it is possible to use a single VSTi instance with a single output to play in different tracks in a similar way the regular instruments do?

If the VSTi only has one output, then no, it’s not possible.

The output from the VSTi is simply a stream of audio. There’s no way for us to split this audio stream into different component streams based on the individual notes that you play. All we can do is feed it into a single track in Renoise.

Hypothetically speaking, if you simultaneously played different notes on different tracks, and did we route the single plugin output to all those different tracks at the same time, you’d simply get the same audio stream played multiple times (ie. all notes playing together, duplicated on all tracks at the same time), not the individual notes split into individual tracks. This is obviously quite useless.

If you want to play multiple different notes or voices from a VSTi on different tracks simultaneously, then you need to use the output routing with a VSTi that supports multiple outs, and you may need to use plugin instrument aliases as well depending on the plugin itself.

If you simply want to process the same VSTi output through multiple tracks with different effects on them, you’ll need to use send tracks for this.

B) Perfect. Thanks! Looks like VSTi plugins aren’t as simple as they seem. :lol:

They can seem really bizarre at first, but they’re really quite harmless beasts once you get to know them :)