Strp Festival

Aphex Twin + Hecker
Squarepusher (live)
Luke Vibert (live)
Tim Exile (live)
Venetian Snares (live)
Hudson Mohawke
030303 dj’s
Ceephax Acid Crew

Ticket (ex fee): €34,-

This is going to be insane!!! What a line-up :w00t:

So… who’s coming? I’m going with BotB, Fah and a few others. Maybe we can have a little Renoise meeting in there. :)

Ho yeah! April 4th, by the way :)

edit: Not Foo? but Fah ;)

All these names! Haha :P
Unfortunately I can’t edit the title anymore :( Mod?! Halp!

Weird, an hour ago I thought about posting about this. Me and a friend will probably come, as a sort of graduation gift to ourselves.

I’m going there, am writing an article about it as well :) .

Can I come with you guys?

I was thinking about it. In the beginning of April I’m coming to the Netherlands, but this 34.- ticket is way too expensive for me. Really would like to meet with you guys.
But what a great lineup!! Quite unbelievable.

34 euros is expensive?
that’s an awesome price.
UK festivals are £120+

Rad line up, have fun guys.

holy fuck, we should meet…!
… i wanna go!



For good measure, I’ll wear an orange Renoise T
I’ll be that baboon up front ;)

Fuck we should all wear Renoise T’s! Renoise team, why don’t you sponsor us with free shirts so we can promote all that is Renoise :slight_smile:

Good idea! :D

Yeah! :yeah:

I was thinking about some video interviews…
Oh I wish I could go :(

I feel I have to come, but it’s always such a hassle to get back to Groningen.
Maybe I can arrange something.
This is indeed a good place to meet some other renoisers.
I will certainly wear my renoise shirt :P

Oke… so who has some sleeping place near srtp festival? :P

Oh god, such a nice event, i’d like to go there…

Then go! :yeah:

Got my tickets! :yeah:

Timetable online: