Stuck note (endless loop of note / feedback) in kontakt Shreddage 3: Hydra

Heyo! So I have a really wierd issue that keeps happening over and over. And only with “Shreddage 3: Hydra” VST through “Kontakt 6”. It doesn’t always happen but it doesn’t seem to be random either. I had the issue first in my last song I made where I’d play the song from the start and a note would keep repeating (like it was getting feedback from a speaker and replayed over and over).
So first I thought it had to do with some effect I used in my pattern because I could play the guitar track only and not have this issue but when I played the full song I got this happening like 9/10 times. And I went through the entire track like a 100 times (not joking) to see if I had accidentally triggered the instrument in another track but that was not the case.

So anyhow, now I started a new song and whilst just playing the instrument on my keyboard it keeps doing the same thing. The only way to mute it is to mute the instrument within kontakt until the sound is 100% dead and then unmute.Usually triggers when I press to many keyboard buttons at once.

Any idea what might be causing this? Lack of ram or processing speed? Or is it something within renoise or kontakt?

Maybe the same issue I ran into: VSTi: phrase first note gets stuck?

I’ve been working around it by pressing play, waiting until it happens, sending a MIDI panic, then continuing.

Don’t think so, this thing went through the rendering too. Sometimes came up sometimes not.
I noticed playing many keys (notes) at the same time in fast succession makes it more likely to occur, like even just playing around with nothing recorded it can happen. Really bugs me XD

Same issue here fellas. Any luck figuring this out? I’m just going to resample sections and use the printed audio which is fine… I just kinda wanna know why it’s happening! Haha