Stutter/Buffer Looper

I had an old version of ReNoise that had a stutter/buffer looper effect built in…this effect is now AWOL/UA…anyone know why or what happened? I used it on a song and it still shows up on new versions, but it’s definitely not in the effects list!

it’s deprecated. check out this list for all deprecated devices, including your stutter: (copy-paste the XML into Renoise)

also, if you are on windows, you can find them in the folder C:\Program Files\Renoise 2.7.0\DSP Chains\Deprecated

Just curious…Why have some effects been deprecated?

i don’t know. a forum search for some of these effects might give you some answers, as i’m sure this has been discussed before.
if not, some of the ‘old-timers’ who’ve been here long enough to have witnessed the deprecation will be able to answer you.

A small flamewar led to it being [Removed] because it wasn’t good enough. It was when kRAkEn/gORe was a new dev and trying out new ideas. Our more seasoned users (the main protagonist who now sits in Renoise HQ berlin on the daily, no less) wouldn’t stand for the shoddy workmanship and unclear behaviour of the device.

Time flies. :)

thanks for that Conner.

i get an error from your link, ‘forum could not determine blahblahblah’. could you check it, i would like to read it?

same here.

Sorry guys, Archives is hidden.

I’m not sure why since it’s just threads created by regular users, so nothing special, but it’s a private area for the dev team. I’ll have to let someone else chime in as to whether or not this will change.

As it stands, I made mistake. You won’t be able to read it. Nothing spectacular though. My summary says it all.

well, when i read this:

my curiosity gets the better of me and i just want to read that stuff. also, i enjoy reading some of the old stuff, because it is nice to see how things used to be and what stuff was discussed and eventually lead to the Renoise versions i know, and it gives me some more insight into the dynamics of this little forum-society.

so, i sure hope the old, hidden, archives will be made accessible to us regular users. or at least to Levitating Guruh’s, in which case i’d still be able to read it :)

That’s not quite fair. I think it’s more the description caused some people to think it would work more as a standard buffer type device, whereas the original design was meant to be a little more unpredictable but this wasn’t made clear when first released in Beta, hence multiple redesigns over the Beta stage and eventual decision to move into Depreciated and hopefully bring out officially in a forthcoming release (which would still be nice to see btw ;) )

Mostly they are old versions of devices that have been superseded. For example the proper name of the Filter device when you load it is Filter3 and it is the third incarnation. Stutter is an exception in that it was released in Beta but due to above mentioned discussion before the version went Gold it was moved into Depreciated with the aim of ironing out any issues people may have a bringing it back in the next release officially (which unfortunately didn’t happen.)

This is a recent change I have come across too. To make matters worse normal users get results from the Achieve when Searching but can not actually view them when clicking on the link (at least that happened to me a little while ago.) Don’t know why they have recently been hidden from normal users…

Archives restored. A bit tucked away, but look hard and you’ll find them.

Here’s the thread in question.


thanks again. just read the stutter thread and aside from the historical info i get from it, i mostly get a more thorough understanding of the stutter device and the effect which kraken/gore wanted to produce with it. i had no idea, i figured it was a retrigger, and this information makes me want to use stutter more often.

it clearly stutter everything you throw to it :) no matter of any timeline sync. i still prefer this kind of free stuttering effect to more rigid repeaters (but that’s me!)

i’m with you on that one!