Suggestion: Cut all devices only for a single 'sub-set'

by example:
In a modulation set you made a very complex modulation chain for panning.
you also made some modulation for the volume but want to get rid of it without affecting your panning chain.

Current situation is: you have to close all the modulation devices one by one of your volume chain.

maybe better situation: option to remove only ‘sub-set’ like in this case, the volume chain in one click.

…kind of like effect grouping, en/disabling an entire group?

You can kind of do that with “doofer” devices, if i understand correctly.

You can currently right-click in the Volume device chain area, then choose Device Chain > Delete from the context menu. (Or of course use the equivalent keyboard shortcut)

When right-clicking the Vol/Pan/Ptc/Cut/Res indicators to open the context menu, you get options such as “Delete Set” and “Delete All Devices”, but they currently affect all modulations. So I agree that would be nice if the context menu also had options for the particular set you selected, such as “Delete All Volume Devices”, and so on.

I think he means removing a sub-chain of a modulation set rather than the whole set. Currently all the “delete DSP chain” options include the whole modulation set where this is not handy when you only want to remove just the volume chain and not e.g. the panning and pitch chain.

that’s correct