suggestion: expand the mono mode function for chords


the mono mode can be really helpful, but it would be quite useful if you couldn’t only restrict it to single notes, but be able to choose how many notes are recorded at the same time.

sometimes, it’s really annoying, when you work with chords and renoise constantly adds note columns when you don’t want them. expanding the mono function would help with that.



Simillar to “my problem” here.

One possible way to handle this, which would be very easy to implement and flexible to work with, would be to base any recording on the number of currently available note columns. So, with 3 available columns you have a max. polyphony of 3 voices. Easily understood. Play more than 3 voices, and they begin to cut off one another … nothing new about that.

Implementation: “column lock” in pattern editor, that prevent note columns from being added automatically while recording.

The flexibility is that you could still add or remove columns manually, even during a recording. Remember, removing a note column can be a temporary thing, the notes contained in the track are never lost just because they are hidden.

An alternative would be to define a polyphonic limit within the instrument, but this would be a step removed from the pattern editor.