suggestion: name doofers after the presets

I have a small suggestion regarding doofers (which are great, by the way): when you drag a doofer to a track, the new device name is always ‘doofer’. I think it would be more informative if the name of the preset were used instead, so that for instance a De-Esser would appear in the mixer as ‘De-Esser’ instead of ‘doofer’. I always rename my doofers manually now because otherwise it’s easy to loose track of which doofer does what. It’s no big deal, but given the way doofers work, I think it would make sense to give each one its own name.

I agree, the name should be saved in the doofer preset.

This is def. a good idea! +1

Especially as Doofers are kind of hard to mistake for some other type of device ^_^