Suggestion/Request: Momentary/Slider Switch for LFO's Reset and Hydra

This is stemming from a conversation on the official Discord server for Renoise, would like to see a way to switch the LFO’s Reset’s functionality between slider base and momentary button base. Additional maybe give the Hydra DSP similar functionality or create an offshoot of Hydra that’s momentary only.

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Maybe adding a “trigger level” (0-100%) setting to the “reset” could be good also.

I find that the only device which trigger correctly the “reset” button is the “key tracker”

What behavior are you trying to achieve? Both functionalities already exist, and can be used simultaneously, if you wish.

Momentary button behavior can be easily accessed with pattern commands, just right-click the reset button at the appropriate pattern line and it will reset to zero there.

If you want it to operate as a slider, just trigger it via any of the meta devices that have assignable destinations. keytracker, lfo, x/y pad, hydra, & signal follower are all useful. hydra is nice if you want to control lfo reset via midi knob/slider

Apart “keytracker”,neither of them work well

the reset button should only detect rising and falling edges (n my advice),via thresholds

Do you understand how the reset works? If you just want it to reset the lfo to zero position, use the pattern command. If you want a continuous value slider, use a meta device. They all work fine and as they are intended to, at least on my rig. You can also use the formula device to control reset via clock sync by setting the formula to PLAYING

Formula doesn’t work also.

the best choice is to make a “trigger” device for renoise

what are you trying to do? I bet there’s already a way to do it…

Are you 100% sure of that?

I have tried it

what are you trying to do?


bruh, you’re going to have to be a little more specific, lol
lfo reset functionality works just fine here.
watch this, maybe? LFO - Modulation & Effects - YouTube

in an ideal world,we should be able to trigger events from an audio level

event could also be playing samples

in an ideal world, we should be able to extrude the music directly from our brains, fully realized. In the real world, there are always workarounds :upside_down_face:

not quite sure what you mean by triggering events at the audio level, but you can use a signal follower to automate reset on a one-shot lfo to act like a switch for control of another parameter

How do you do that?

I have just to wait for TakTik continue in his logic,providinG a next-gen Music design system MDS

That’s right

it’s the reason why all users should involve in

No suggestion?

So Beatsgo (and me) has pointed a true problem

just like I said, bro. use a signal follower to automate reset on a one-shot lfo to act like a switch for control of another parameter.

You still haven’t explained what, specifically, you’re trying to do/achieve. If you can give me a clear description, I might be able to help. “enhancing” is pretty general, lol

I don’t believe so. @beatsgo just wanted to be able to use either behavior, which you can, as outlined above.

Still not clear on what you’re after… English is not your first language, I take it…

Logic signal…rising edge…falling edge…threshold…

the rising edge start the reset
the falling edge re-arm the reset

each edge have his own threshold

why not just use the pattern command? You can put the reset wherever you want

Believe me…the solution i give is very powerfull