Suggestions - reactions after a month of use

Coming from Cubase where I felt I had it down in terms of offline rendering of effects, excellent wave editing, a nice mixer, some great effects and VIs…

(I’m sure these have already been covered but still) In Renoise I would love to see…

  1. Some kind of piano roll but nothing that killed the tracker vibe and open nature of renoise…

  2. The ability to create wavetable morphing…I’m sure this could be done now but I haven’t figured it out yet

  3. Free routing of effects sets into each other e.g. set 1 into 3, set 2 into 3 (not send method)

  4. Analyser in the eq window! Im a big fan of equilibrium so this is a must for me.

  5. Some kind of native chord progression aid a la Cubase chord track or cthulhu…both great tools…renoise is half way there with the scales option which is awesome…I’m reluctant to include these things as they are semi automatic song writing tools but still…why not? The point in this is to be able to record/print midi into renoise. Currently this can’t be done with third party apps.

6.Ability to copy multiple samples at once and paste to new instrument

  1. Fully native integrated CDP

  2. Being able to simply modify VI knobs and record these movements would be great (rather than the somewhat time consuming instrument automation at present.

  3. Being able to record midi to another track…free routing and recording.

  4. Spectral editing/drawing in the sample editor.

  5. Batch processing in sample editor…normalise, mono etc

  6. A mono/left/right/swap etc button in the sample editor pre sample effect commands so panning still works

Its a great tool though. A lot of fun.

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Good suggestions, most of which have been suggested several times before.

  1. This should be possible using sends (albeit only in one direction)



Chord it:


wavetable from two samples interpolates would be a blast