Sunvox For Free

Holly cow , where is my jornada (searching)

this is not good news in my opinion: it shows that SunVox hasn’t got enough attention and will probably be stopped eventually in a few. I hope I’m wrong, although I never used it, but I have seen this path followed several times.

Same here, i dont consider sunvox as a serious tool, but its a great timekiller (12h nightshifts)

The author lives in Russia. Don’t be silly, Russians don’t need food to live. They are sleepy bears.

I don’t get the reason for your sarcasm; I’m not criticizing the author’s decision in any way: I’m simply saying that this is sad news.

Oh, it’s personal. I’ve designed a new kind of synthesis many years ago that haven’t got any attention. Actually, the author lives quite near to me (for Russia’s measure), I’ll contact him and check out WTF.

And i dont understand whats wrong in being sleepy :)

Btw. Tell him that “donate” button is something that is missing on his site.

Ok. Paypal is missing money transfer to Russia. Oops.

aw :(
i bought a license some time ago and i play with it pretty often

wish he would re-release the engine sources, though
i’ve been wanting to add jack support

Heh - back to the pt.1

Hey, you’re smart one :)

Chek out! nu version 1.5.1 FREE!!!

I contacted the author. The reason SunVox became free is simply ridiculous incomes from the sells. There is saying in Russia “not for yourself, not for the people”, it’s when someone hide some great from the world and don’t use it himself neither, just like De-lusion buried Rubber Duck’s source code. The man behind SunVox uses it himself for music making and it’s the main reason the software is not going to freeze. Every Russian is eventually Russian.

Good news then. Sunvox is great, stunning that its just work, i had to switch dozens of drivers to make milky tracker working on my pda.


SunVox is an amazing piece of work, no doubt. So many platforms covered, it’s almost overwhelming. And now it’s free. Wow.

@Zed: The things you are saying about your countrymen makes me think of Grigori Perelman. I’m not really into the stereotype thing, but his story is the kind that people remember: mathematical genius who solves a “millenium prize problem”, wins one million dollars, but refuses to pick up his prize.
“You are disturbing me. I am picking mushrooms.” Says Mathematics Genius

Talking about Perelman. The guy lives with his old mother in a… let’s say small flat full of cockroaches and sleeps on mattress left by drunkards lived there before. He’s about quit math and I wonder how such people do actually survive in Russia in the first place. Though mushrooms rocks in Russia. That’s one of the things holds me in the country. Anyway, some newer version of SunVox probably will have some experimental synthesis inside, thanks to mushrooms.

Yeah, do you know why PayPal doesn’t support Russia? Because Russia is unknown? :rolleyes:

Зед перестань жаловаться. ))

Oh come on, it’s a very thin humour :D

ok )

Russia unknown? Well, when it comes to their international debts, every country who owns something from Russia, knows where to point to.
They got away with it when they turned into the “Soviet Republic” which supposed to be a new country with no debts, but unfortunately, they made a mistake by renaming themselves back to Russia. They should have picked something like the “Tramp states” instead…