Sunvox For Free

Please do, the stuff they do is truly incredible seeing as an update to Renoise is unpredictable. @martblek makes fantastic stuff. The more official Tools are on his Gumroad page, but not the drums.

Lots of tools can be downloaded off this forum, but I also support his work via Gumroad, they’re inexpensive and offer an insane amount of sound. I encourage everyone to do so, because it’s a ton of effort to provide us native Tools that do such wonderful sound design.



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What I would love to see in Sunvox is actually support for VST3. It still could have a replayer lib which then simply does not support VST3. I mean, there are so many good synths as VST3, and sunvox looks like a really good host…

I don’t think he will do this, but was is planned is a SunVox VST.


Maybe that’s a good start

Edit: not really good

I can recommend this 8-part YT playlist as an introduction for Sunvox:

Sunvox is an amazing piece of software: A bit confusing at first :upside_down_face: but as soon as you get the point it is capable of doing a LOT.
The user interface - while quite “special” - works nice (on Windows, macOS, Linux as well as on iOS!). Definitely worth a look. :+1:


And another free video tutorial that I discovered lately (in englisch - german version also available):

Only watched it up to lesson 4 - but looks very promising so far.

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