Sup, Canada?

I’ll be in Montreal and Quebec City for the next week. Any of you suckers live in the area and want to chill at some point?

I live in Montreal but I have kids and obligations so need to plan ahead, what are you up for?

Just a family vacation with my folks and sis. We’re in Montreal until Saturday.

Beer at lunch today? Check your private messages.

You see my response, buddy?

Haha, just now.

I don’t have a cell phone. I don’t do text messages. I could go for a beer later tonight but need to confirm. Email me.

hesitantly raises hand :unsure:

northern Montréal area, but i’m a pretty boring person, heh :D

Aw darn, man. Conner and I just hung out and had some drinks, and I’m on a train bound for Quebec City in the morning.

If I come back through in the next few years, I’ll try to toss up a thread sooner. Likewise, if you or anyone else finds themselves in Austin, I’ll treat you to a drink.

wahrk is good times.
Mission accomplished.
Austin Texas is the reason.
Put this guy on the team ;)


Made my vacation, man. Hands down. Good times.