Dedicated `Renoise` Events

I`m sure we have many many users of Renoise; all over the world…many of whom could be in fairly close proximity, without knowing it.

Are there ever any Renoise focused events?? It would be great to meet fellow users in person, share techniques and ideas as well as things like live setups. Perhaps have a few people play live to show what it can do a chance to network and collaborate with audio and data!

I am based in the UK and would definitely be interested in helping to organise such an event.

Nice idea. I’ve never met anyone else using Renoise, so it would be something of a novelty. Count me in!

Good idea and count me in. I’m usually in London or Nottingham so either of those locations would be good for me…

Same here!

I live in Munich and would gladly join any Renoise related events.

Even though I applaud your enthousiasm, I suggest you get this out of your head right now. This has been tried many many times, and has never been realised into a real event.

At first, everyone is interested and ‘willing to come’. Plans are made, venues are looked into, and then… nothing. When the date of the event comes closer, everyone suddenly has no time or is on a holiday. Or, well, they don’t even respond at all anymore.

The best way to get in touch with Renoisers is to meet them at Demoscene parties.

What a buzz killer!

You could say that about ANY event in the future; that`s a purely pessimistic point of view. With enough planning and organisation I think it could be something that would be really benefitial the Renoise community.

I have some experience of organising events and free-parties so I will come back to you soon with some ideas - already have a few good ones.

As far as location; where is convenient for you? For me Cardiff would be a good location as I have many good musical contacts there, and we may be able ot get some sort of funding for it. Aside from London, Birmingham (please no)…any other suggestions??

I’m in Dorset, so everywhere is inconvenient. Cardiff or London both sound good to me.

Great, so it seems many people reading…not many commenting! Who are the official Renoise people on the forums I need to talk to??

I disagree. I’ve been at 2 “real” Renoise events.

It was a bunch of friends drinking, together. Less than a dozen each time. I enjoyed myself. I also once hung out with wahrk, which I considered a Renoise event!

I think those kinds of events are realistic. If you aren’t expecting Assembly then you will have fun and you will not be disappointed.


There is no such person. Sorry.

Best place to do Renoise meetups is probably demoscene events. They are basically Renoise meetups by themselves, at least last year on Evoke there was no people who didn’t know what renoise was. Renoise could be observed on many screens, and renoise related workshop had maximum attendance.

How about something small scale in London? I would be happy with a small number of people. I have a projector so could bring that if people want to use it. I’d even be happy to do a demo on how I cobble tools together if there is interest.

This sounds great, we can all bring something to the table I`m sure. I think London may turn out to be the universally accepted location. I have a very good contact who will definitely be able to find us a decent place to stage it.

Realistically, I think winter would be suitable because it gives us enough time to plan and organise everything. It will be really cool!

In the mean time if you have any more ideas - pm me and I will get back to you soon.

Excellent news! Can you PM me some info about what you did?

Not even the people who make renoise?? Are they here?

Are we here?