Support Vst 3???

(It-Alien) #21

I may be wrong, but doesn’t the coarse definition of VST2 parameters get almost completely addressed by the ramping done by the DAW?

I mean, if you change the value of a VST2 parameter from 1A to 1B, Renoise takes care of ramping the related parameter value throughout the ticks of the row where the new value is set. If you instead use automation curves, the ramping is made across all the lines which separate the two values.

this of course is not 100% like having a finer resolution, because you can’t set the start and end value more precisely using sliders, but it’s better than simply having a bare 7-bit resolution

(Rxn) #22


Yeah, but these slides between effect values should happen within a coarse region, For example, if you change the parameter from 50% to 60%, there must be exactly ten 12-13 steps between the values since the whole available range is only 127 steps. The DAW would not be able to use fractions for the slides.

(kRAkEn/gORe) #23

parameter ranges in vst2.4 are fully 32bit 0…1 normalized floating point numbers, so if a host only triggers 7bit automation is another story, not a 2.4 flaw. what maybe is not handled in 2.4 is timestamped parameter changes, so the host can ramp the parameters sample accurate inside each buffer block of sample processed.

(Croco) #24

Trees for synths/effects with many cryptically named parameters would be a nice addition… But then again, I’m sure the Renoise Team could make parameters more accessible without the need for VST3 (Or maybe I just haven’t learnt some deeper Renoise trickery yet). I’m sure that VST 2.4 and Renoise provides far more than most us mortals can even begin to comprehend.

(vV) #25

Let’s first fully utilize VST 2.4 and experience what that offers before throwing in a VST 3 debate.

(Jgod) #26

It’s significant that you can no longer apply for a VST 2 license from Steinberg. New developers, or developers that haven’t applied for the license for continued VST 2 publishing, cannot (legally anyway) publish VST 2 plugins of their own, without using an intermediary that does have a VST 2 license. At least since their cutoff, which was Fall 2018.

(tommitytom) #27

Plugin developer here - and surprised to find that Renoise doesn’t support VST3. I know there are a lot of fancy features in VST3 that aren’t pertinent to Renoise, but is there any way of just implementing it with the features that are already available in Renoise, and just not implementing the stuff that it doesn’t support? It’s just sad that I have to technically “illegally” release my plugins as VST2 so my users can use my plugins in their favourite tracker!

I totally know how you feel though. The VST3 SDK is a fucking dogs dinner at best.