Sync Acapella To The Beat

HI !
I am quite new to renoise and I use just demo for now. I will buy the full version later when it comes out. I just wonder, if anyone can help me to figure out how to sync a 3 min long acapella to the beat I made? BTW, am on iMac OS 10.5.6.


To synchronize a sample using the sync option the samples need to be pretty much shorter than 3 minutes.
It is better to cut your acapella samples in shorter pieces of 5/6 seconds which is easier to synchronize.
You can either do this by cutting them for real and dividing the snippets across multiple sample slots but in your case, using the 09xx command would be sufficient.
With the 09xx command you don’t actually cut the sample itself but you tell Renoise to trigger the sample from a different starting point than the actual beginning.

See the following references:

There is ofcourse another way to sync a 3 minute sample to a pattern yet it is not exactly what you will be looking for. However, this explanation might give you some idea how the sync option operates and how you can use the Renoise timer to your advantage because using the timer is also what you need when cutting samples (and you learn how not to use the Sync option ;) ) .

Do the following:
1 - Create a new song and load your vocal sample initiate your sample on line 1, track one and play the pattern, the sample should play in its original height.
2 - Set the sync value of the sample to 506 (almost the highest amount of lines you can pick), play the pattern, the sample should now play at insane high speed.

3 - Go with your cursor to the end of the pattern that it is currently in and hit enter once (play position).

I assume that your BPM is 128, the LPB is 4 lines and the pattern size of your pattern 0 is 64 lines.
These are Renoise their default values (the picture says 123 bpm, but i guess you catch my drift).

4 - Look at the timer in the upper right corner (left of the CPU usage indicator) the timer should say the pattern size is (approx.) 7 seconds in length.
5 - Now make the pattern size 506 lines and repeat steps 3 and 4, the timer should say the same pattern requires 59 seconds, play the pattern again, it still plays the sample way too high, but now only 3 times faster.

6 - Now change the BPM value to 42 and check the timer again. Now you have a pattern that lasts for 3 minutes (the sample now plays at its original height).
7 - With a little luck, turning off the Sync option does not make the sample play different, or at least not audible different.

Now i hope you picked up how the time-line on pattern base works, if you know how much seconds each pattern takes, you only need to calculate how much snippets to make for each pattern or each part of the pattern.
As said above: You can either do this by cutting the sample, or if they are relatively short, you can use the 09xx commands to change the offset within the sample.

Wow! Thank you for so fast and informative answer. ;) I´ll try all this and let you know what happened :)

I have been trying that out myself. I usually cut the sample into smaller pieces and then import them into soundforge. Use the time stretch settings and compress the time a little… I dont know how unorthadox this method is but it seems to work… :)
Id advise not compressing it too much though because then the sound starts to distort and sound crap!

Hi! I wanted to say that I bought the registered version and that it worked, but still I can´t match the tempo of acapella to my beat. Is there anyone who can explain me how you do that. I am used to ableton and the so called “warp” function. It so easy there, but can you do some similar stuff in Renoise. Btw, this is hip-hop acapella with different tempo troughout the song. Is there some hip-hop producers who can help me out here?

I usually try to chop vocal samples into lengths of 1 pattern… that way I can use beat sync to make the timing flawless. This is what I’m doing for the Intergalactic remix I’m currently working on… and considering the horrible timing in that A Capella, it’s the only real solution I could come to… it’s working out great ;)

Different tempo’s are not nice, you can either adapt the song-tempo by using the effect command for it, or as Byte-smasher recently said:cut it up in pieces a pattern-size each then use the sync to keep them in sync with the generic songtempo.
If the pace differs too much, the sample will change the pitch too much as well, in that case solutions like Croutonsoup suggested are then the way to go (time-stretching in an external editor or use a time-stretching plugin that re-renders your sample on-the-fly)

I make lots of remixes, most of em Hip Hop. But I don’t do any bpm syncing with the vocals in Renoise itself. What I usually do is get the original song (with the beat and all) in correct tempo using cubase, then line up the accapella to that. That way I can both line it up proper with the beats and timestretch it to the bpm I want. Then I usually cut it up into managable pieces like intro,verse1,ref1,verse2… aso.

I did a short vid explaining the “Beatslaughter Method”, original forum post found here and the vid here. I also did one showing how I cut up samples using Cubase, but the recording software f-ed with me so it came out crap. I can make one showing how I fix up an accapella in Cubase tomorrow tho, if there’s any interest in it. Or maybe even tonight if I cut some corners hehe.

magOwl, I would be very interesting and happy if you can make a video on that, please. Btw, I am not using Cubase, I have Logic ( I am on Mac) ;)

Here you go, maybe it’ll help even if you on Logic. I’m sure there are some similar way of doing it there.
I wrote a little step-by-step thing as well, since I didn’t do a voiceover.


HI! Thank you very much magOwl! I`ll try this on Logic. Anyway, I have to say that the cutting the sample as previously described by the others works too. But it can take some time to do all this. I wanted to find out the easiest way and I think that your video make it very clear :)