Sync/Glitch by Datassette - How is he doing this effect?

Hey forum,

Not often that I post here so apologies for requesting your help out of the blue :lol:

I noticed some awesome-sounding (or what sounds like) stretching/reversal/granular/formant effects in the track “Sync/Glitch” by Datassette of the new FEZ remix album. Not to sound cliche in my comparison, but it sounds like something I’d hear in The Matrix or Transformers. Would I be right in assuming this process involves moving along a waveform at a certain rate, a warping of an original file, maybe slicing into MIDI and upping the length of the sample or can anyone explain how to pull off such DSP? You can hear these effects at around 0:46, 1:21-1:22, 2:22 and 3:12-3:13. You can also hear it at the start of Window Licker by Aphex Twin, where it seems to cut off the attack of the synth line and almost “blur it”. I could envision how to maybe do it in Albeton, but I’d rather know how to do it in Renoise.

All help appreciated with figuring this out!

Don’t think that difficult :rolleyes:

made by a renoise developer, offcourse.

edit: other options: google “livecut vst” or “effectrix vst”

Renoise also has a demo song called “Sample offset” where 09xx effect is used to create glitchy effects.

It sounds like a fft denoising/smearing/freeze effect mixed in with the source material, nothing dblue glitch offers.

Check out this plugin:

Also with the ‘spectral monkeyage’ phase vocoding plugin you can achieve a nice freezing sound, but you need to google this yourself as I can’t find a link to it real quick :).