Sync Logic 8.1 To Renoise

I’v Been trying to sync Logic pro 8.1 up with renoise with little success. I know a bit about MTC syncronisation and I’m sure I have set all the configurations correctly.

Has anyone managed to syncronise the two applications yet?? and if so, how he F**K do you do i???

I haven’t got an external MIDI interface, but it should be possible to use the IAC drivers to set up a MIDI buss. I have set Logic to send MTC to an IAC buss and told Renoise to Receive on the same buss. Surely thats all there is to it!!

Im running a Macbook Santa rosa 2.2 intel Dule-Core, 4GB RAM, 250GB HD.

Using Soundflower with Logic pro, Renoise would be an extremely powerful tool. I was brought up on trackers starting on the old Amiga with Octamed pro, and then on to Fast Tracker on the PC. When all this DSP stuff became available trackers where left some what out of date. I’m really pleased to see the familiar functionality of a tracker return with a modern interface and up to date execution. If only I could syncronise it with Logic pro I could have he best of both worlds.

Please Help!!!

Though I can’t help you since I have neither Mac nor Logic, unfortunately it seems Logic’s problem.
See this thread;