I bet everyone here uses it, and if not you should really try it out. Sat a couple of hours yesterday and made a couple of synths, check em out and feel free to use :P

Click here for the synths.

I have never used that… and, in the past, after having downloaded some amount of synthedit-made VSTi I eventually became uninterested in Synth Edit… but what do I know, I have downloaded your plugins and I’m about to give em a try :)
All in all, as it is for many other instruments, it’s probably all down to the use you make of it :)

I love your ScumHowler !
It produces some really nasty abrasive hardcore sounds :panic:

Nice, man! :yeah: Probably you should further developing for more usability!

hehe cool that u like em, i personally am a big fan of fierce sounds too. Made a couple more vsti’s and updated the howler with some presets, ill put em up when im “completly” done.

Kewl, man !
Can’t wait B)
BTW: Ur ScumHowler already in my VSTi’s pool :yeah:

oh Cywax, don’t forget that I can provide with some GUI, in case :)

hm. renoise may have its own gui for it.

Fancy, lets first find out what we should make :P Any suggestions?

Put up a couple more vsti’s.

Disclaimer: I never stated i had any clue in making em nor any clue in the art of interface :P

Checked 'em :)
Nice stuff! I like ScumAlarmer Tb-ish preset.
Also carry out few experiments with ScumDripper and ScumEpStage.

But ScumHowler is still my favourite soundin’ ;)

Checkitout a little loopy i made usin’ ur beauty-gritty ScumHowler B)


thnx, ill check em out ! :)


Well… :P
Here are some ideas…

  1. “smart” Granular-based synth
    I have found several stand-alone solutions and even some vsti with an attitude for granulizing stuff… but there is nothing like a solid, simple, clear “granulator” where you can feed some starting sample and obtain back some new wonderfull, deep and vibrating multilayered fractal-generated nuances… herm… ok…

  2. “smart” Arpeggiator
    With an option to set the number of notes with pitch of every note…something you can set a visible (and optionally random) sequence of notes to play at the touch of a key but able to reply with a swarm of wonderfull, deep vibrating multilayered fractal-generated nuances…


Ok, that’s not much of a plan…
Some alternative ideas we can develope:

a ) Portaleadz
A morphing (you can control it via automation) mono sound with an attitude for portamento and automatable flanged sound.

b ) Renohm
A visually customizable VSTi delay able to post-eq and pan delayed sound.

c ) Kaleido
Basicly a very simple single-osc sine generator but visually disturbed by thousands of small and useless knobs and switches… :blink:

Yeah, I’ve been wanting something like this too.
Have you heard of Riverrun? I can’t affort it unfortunately, and because it’s an effect that accepts midi, it doens’t work with renoise’s vst implementation.

i think a stopper with synthedit for the more interesting/ experimental ideas is that you cannot have latency-free feedback loops, at least as long as you don’t code your own modules.
Has someone already tried out synthmaker? It’s seems to be a dedicated development environment as opposed to the balanceing act between modular synth and development tool that synthedit tries to be.

:blink: :blink: :blink:
H O L Y - S H I T
No I never heard of it untill… now…
Yes, I understand that this is more or less what I was looking for… or so it seems… :w00t:
And it does NOT work in Renoise? :huh: :(

:huh: uh?

Ancient thread revival!

Is it possible to bring these VSTi’s online again. I once used scumepstage in a song, but in the meantime I’ve lost the VSTi and now…