Synthwave by TNT

10 Tracks for those who like Synthwave:


N I C E :+1:

I like, perfect backgroud to feel beeing in a night ride! :racing_car: :waxing_crescent_moon:

10 songs and 10 out of 10 for me for each song.I cant even pick a favorite one they are all great!!So clean sound and evolving.You make me mad i cant find anything wrong about them

Very nice music! :smiley: I like it very much. :headphones: Well produced! :+1:

Thank you guys! :smiley:

Oh, but there’s one thing I maybe can improve, and that’s the mastering. Compared to professional productions my songs are “soft” in relation to the volume. But I don’t want to be part of the loudness war, so it’s a little bit tricky. I don’t use any special programs or else, the mastering happens in Renoise. At one hand I was thinking about to buy a mastering software like Ozone 8, but at the other hand I don’t see any improvement worth the money, so I’ll continue without any changes for the moment. Maybe in the future I’ll focus on that, but at the moment I’m happy enough with the results. As I said in the “How did you meet Renoise?” thread, it’s just a hobby and I’m not planning to become professional. :wink:


You never know where it will take you if you take more seriously.Most of us feel the same as you but deep inside we all want our music to reach as many people as possible

That’s right, but my time becoming a professional is over. In the 90s I could have been a professional if my equipment would have been better. Indeed I had some offers from some studios, but it never happened. And now I’m self-employed, so time is short. Too short to become a professional. I’m glad that I can make some tracks again, one year ago I couldn’t even think about this and didn’t do anything with music for years because there simply was no time. And I don’t think this will change in a way that I can become a professional musician and earn that much money with it that I can afford life. Especially not with this kind of music style. Besides of that my responsibility for employees and business partnes is there, and for sure I won’t let them down. But of course I can imagine releasing something anywhere on Bandcamp again. Why not?! But I don’t expect money for this. Certainly not much money. :wink:


Use distrokid as it will distribute your music very very cheap

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This is great. I’m totally jealous :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I feel the same…it’s like I was reading my history as a musician or music maker. I just enjoy to make music by myself without any other people. I didn’t like to be in a band member. Too much compromises and I didn’t fit that formula! :wink: :relieved:

Night Drive is my favorite of your collection, but all have wonderful synths and are mixed with the very fantastic 80’ style.

Cool tunes, yeah you should definitely just release them on a distributor.

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Thank you, Garf! Yeah, I would love to see them on NRW Records, but I guess the sound quality is not good enough. Or rather to say the sound is “not loud enough”. Like I mentioned in the post from the 18th of May.


Night Drive is my favorite of your collection

Mine too. :smile:
But I think the newest Synthwave track I made on Friday evening is not worse.


Old Japanese megadrive & Arcade game Yamaha FM sound feeling…

I don’t know how a Arcade or Yamaha FM sounds, I was more into C64 and Amiga.

I should work harder on music…Respect…

Music like this doesn’t take long to create. I usually need round about 4 hours for making a Synthwave track including the mastering. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer and sometimes it’s even less than 4 hours. When you’re in the mood you’re in the mood, nothing can stop you except a blackout. :wink:

You are a true musician…

Thank you very much, man! :smiley:
Cool to hear that my music isn’t that bad. But I even can neither read notes nor play a real instrument, so I guess being a real musician is something bigger than me.

Maybe you should propose your musics to video game studios…

Yeah, I would love to hear tracks like these in a new GTA Vice City, but I think this is just a dream. :laughing:

But I already made a kind of videogames track, and it sounds like this:

It’s a combination of Synthwave and “Ninja music”. Maybe you remember the Last Ninja series on C64. This track was intended to sound like this in a Synthwave style.

And to make the collection complete, here’s another older Synthwave track:


The latest 4 Synthwave tracks:

You can also listen to this in a much better quality on Soundcloud.

I would highly recommend some research on distrokid and other similar services before jumping in.

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Summary of all Synthwave tracks after the last post, sorted by release date.
The last one is the newest one:

Since “Rain Racing” I’m also using a monoizer, before that the bass was stereo.
You can also find these tracks in much better quality in this thread.

And of course there’s also the collab with Garf:


Another summary since the last post. Please don’t judge the audio quality, it’s Youtube and all my Youtube videos suck in terms of audio quality. :slightly_smiling_face:


These are excellent!

Thank you, Sonny! Glad you like it. And thanks for your subscription on Youtube. :slightly_smiling_face:
I hope that I will have some time for new music soon, but since months it’s not possible for me.

Hope you’ll find some time for it soon. It’s worth it!