System Specs In Our Signatures During Debugging Times

what if, we all set our sigs to our main sys specs that is running renoise 1.8

also create a specs format that we could happily agree upon. :P

i’m not totally sure if all of this is revelant but heres a shiort list for a start:


  • asio/dx + buffersize + ms of latency
  • pentium/amd + nickname + ht + single/dual/quad
  • fsb + etc
  • of modules + type + etc

[os & version]

  • lots of etc’s
    [main plugs used]
    versions version versions!

okay so that wasnt too short, brief maybe. how much of this would be revelant?
cuz i know this stuff would help the devs!

Audio, CPU and OS would indeed be very helpful!

I’ve updated my signature. Now it’s your turn!

but he lacks some funky banners / pictures! ;)

nice thought.
i’d have no problem about removing the titles, for example.

ff mierenneuken

Cpu: AMD Athlon XP 1800+ 1.54 GHZ
Os: WinXP SP2
Audio: M-Audio Firewire 410, 256 samples

this looks slightly better in my opinion. the c and the p aren’t blend together
BTW I used verdana.

this is rather about functionality and the raw information itself than about looks.

and no, yours doesn’t look better :)
especially the uppercase letters in cpu, os and audio are :eeek:

Done doing mine… i’ve set up an as complete picture as possible.
Not everything is really nesessary to mention, but video and chipset can also be important aspects. And ofcourse your DirectX configuration.

This might also help out other users debugging their problem (if it is not Renoise related).
Just a pity you can’t search inside signatures in the search menu.


My sig is getting large :s … and ugly :(

i think this will promote a cumulative effect of helping!

thanks guys!

now if we can get everyone that is debugging to also follow suite.

should eleviate some of the [???]

Good idea!

Might it be someone is testing the search headers?..

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i was wondering if there is any freeware programs that one could run an it create a descriptive list of of all component names, firmware versions, speeds, types etc?

that way we could even refer someone to use it to get their specs if they dont know or remember without opening up the box.

plus ive been personally looking for something like this for awhile!

-maybe something like cpuinfo but for the Whole system.

specs on the side would be nice! hopefully it wouldnt be too much work.

whoops i forgot about systeminfo.exe!

It doesn’t go as far as msinfo32 but on the other hand, you still require more info that you can merely obtain from the computer manager. (some of it can also be traced through dxdiag)
And what solution has the mac?

There is for Windows a tool called WinAudit which allows you to gather selective system data (and it’s free)…

thankyou Vvoois, :) i had completely forgotten about msinfo32.
funny thing about that is, i had told a few of my friends about msinfo32 a long time ago, an here i forget!

for macs its very easy, osx has a well documented list of hardware components they use in their systems.
all within an osx program called ‘System Profiler’, easily accessible from the main toolbar, under “about this mac”.
there is a ‘more info’ button that leads to system profiler. -if one doesnt want to go through finder. unless there is a sweet console program…
system profiler is what i would suggest using for this. :)

updated mine - thanks for the code!


I removed mine because my sig was growing, but maybe I should re-add it?