Tablet - knobs in doofer & macros

It’s rare to use renoise with tablet but I just wanted to report that while using my bamboo, macro/doofer knobs jumps rapidly to the maximum/minimum values. Sliders works fine.

forgot the specs:
Windows7 x64, Renoise x64, Bamboo Pen CTL-460 driver 5.3.3-3

P.S. Anyone with a diffrent tablet could confirm?

P.S.2 Is there a chance to switch (preference maybe?) to sliders like the rest of UI or You think of more uses of knobs in future? Its not consistent right now and as I said before I dont have any problems with sliders.

Confirm! It is really impossible to control the knobs with a pen :(
(at least the macro knobs can be controlled with the sliders below the instrument list now, but it spoils the fun with doofers a lot)

weizenkeim: Thanks for confirmation.

I hope it will be fixed in future renoise bug release.

Same problem here. ( OSX )

Ableton Live has this:


The doofer uses the rotary encoder, so it accepts relative input.

Over controllers like the XY-pad, and sliders work with absolute values, so simply use that instead, besides a graphics tablet Is arguably the best XY-pad you can get.

Since more and more I use tablet, i wanted to know is there a chance to fix/workaround this issue in 3.0.1 ?

fixed on macros (disable mouse warping) in redux 1.0.0 so I assume its fixed :smiley: