Taskbar display label

Hello, is it possible to write the song name at the start of the display in taskbar ?

Exemple :

I would like to see the song name before “Renoise (x64)”, so I can see more easily on which song i am working on when I have multiple instance of renoise opened. And I thing the “(x64)” is pretty useless to display.

Thanks for reading.

Yeah I agree though I use that Windows 7 icons combining thing so it gives me thumbnail previews with the name on top. Same idea, helps to move content from one track to another, or figure out why is it that 20 versions ago your track sounded better than it does now.

No not if you also depend on native 32-bit plugins that won’t run properly when bridged. Being able to recognize which version you run is in that case inevitable.
Besides, if you only just hover above the icon, you will get to see the full title and songname before clicking on it, so what’s the deal?
How many instances of Renoise do you usually open? If the average is two, you don’t need full visible titles on the taskbar:the title that you are not working on is the title not showing in the current session that has focus :P

Having to hover on each icon to find the good one is not very handy (when you don’t use combined icons, like in my screenshot). it’s pretty common for the majority of programs to display the usefull infos first, then the program name (windows explorer displays the folder name, visual studio displays the project name, notepad displays the filename… there’s a ton of examples, and I think it’s for a good reason).

Sure, it can be 2, or it can be 3 instances, but I’m not necessarily in renoise when I have renoise opened.

Once again I think the problem only concerns the “non-combined” icons mode.

Please forgive my poor english, it is not my primary language, I did my best :)/> …

Even typing that reply could be argued to be more work than simply making the fix. Even hovering over a button takes longer than just fixing this. Geez.

And yes, just about any app that I worked with that is about handling documents either does it this way only, or has the option to do it this way. Probably because it takes no effort other than realizing “yeah, that’s a good idea”.

Perhaps, i’m not a developer of Renoise, so can’t judge that.

Now you are exaggerating.

This is a very good idea and it does not only make sense when you have multiple instances open. Probably a low percentage of Renoise users have multiple versions open in many circumstances, equally so, probably just a low percentage uses 32bit and 64bit versions (and has VST bridge issues) exchanged in such quickness that he/she can’t just pop up the about dialog. So what. Don’t just annoy the topic. I’ve posted just a week ago about this same thing and I don’t think I ever ran 2 renoises atst. See here. It’s always handy to know which file you’re working on and you already know you’re working in renoise because of the icon. 32/64 info could be in the icon.
Filename/song title first: Firefox does it (current tab title). Gimp does it. VLC does it. Notepad does it. It’s the right thing to do.

I agree, Instead of “Renoise (x64) - [tune.xrns]” it should be “tune.xrns - Renoise (x64)”
We already know it’s Renoise by seeing the icon.