That Old "how Do You Start A Song" Post?

Ive been looking for a post I saw about the topic how do you start a song, I think It was last summer, I cant find anything when I search in forum or google, anyone know where it could be ?


Hi, I found these four by looking for the keyword “bassline”.



  3.…c=10337&hl= Started last summer


Hope it helped :)


How Do You Approach A Song?, How do you start? was the one I was after…


before i start a song i put on a baguette and smoke a cancer stick.

i aim for the beginning. Then i go one for a bit. Then when i get to the end i try to stop.

i dont always manage any of that though…

There is prolly a thousend differnt approaches. For me
i like to make a few patterns wich contain the “heart and soul” og my song. with main theme
and such. I just toss out ideas in tracks and fine tune it all a little.
In the end i end up with a few patterns containg the backbone in
my song with correct bpm, simple drums and themes and strings.

Then i start to spread the ideas out on more patterns, brushing up some more cool beats
and basses. Adding some intro elements, fills etc. After this i have a raw composition
containg intro, middlepart, reffrain, “the breakuppart” and finnaly outro.

After this i start to tweak all elements troughout the song. Bass, Drums, Strings, Hats, Synths etc
Maybe some more adding of sounds and maybe some removel of sounds.

After this i have a song wich is 70% finished.
After this i leave the whole song for many days. I find this beeing very important. I find that if
i do to much with one song for a loong intense period i loose the “feel”.
When i come back to the song after not heard it for many days i suddenly can hear stuff that needs to be added removed and tuned. This way i can hear it with “new” ears.

So after this i start the important producing and mixing. Making all elements fit toghether and
the overall soundscape sound nice and crisp.

Then my song is finished :)
Though i have to mention that i seldom come to finish many songs ;)

i usually start by browsing through my fav vst instruments, trying to find a sound im looking for, based on how i feel at the moment.

Then i start fiddling around with it, making a melody.

I make a pattern with all the instruments and drums then spread them across patterns to make a beginning,middlepart and an end.

I usually dont know which will be the main theme in my song. When I come up with an interesting bassline, drumline, or a melody/ chord progression, I start building on that. Eventually it starts spreading out to all directions, and after a while, you can tell what your song feels like and what it should feel like. Then re-factor, invent lyrics and singing, mix, master, finish, fix it when you are not happy with it, record/compose something all over again, mix, master, finish. Some other times I start with lyrics, that way you got the whole mood of the song clear right from the start. Usually they come along after the song has started to evolve.

But each to his/her own, go with what feels good to you!

A while ago I started a thread called “what order do you compose in”, I suppose there’s a chance this is what you are referring to.

yes I think thats the one…c=13128&hl=