The connection between 'chiptune' and fascism?

A lot of people like chiptune because of the emphasis on melody rather than sound design, the portable devices which can be used to write it and the feelings of nostalgia which may come about when hearing a sound from and entertainment system used in childhood.

However, in recent years there has been an increasing presence of fascist, neo-nazi and white supremacist subject matter being purposefully associated with chiptune, nintendo and gaming in general.

Its obvious that this purposeful conflation of chiptune and gaming with far right ideology comes from 4chan and 8chan (and 3chan and whatever other ‘chan’ that pops up as soon as another is closed).

Its a sick way to introduce young people to far-right ideology by associating it with fun games and music.

Humour and comedy are being used to desensitize peoples minds to the suffering of others.
Over and over again, I find myself exposed to little fascist brainwashing flashcards online, namely memes from all the ‘chans’. These memes often use some cute characters from video games and anime cartoons to entice young people. The more they search for this type of ‘comedy’, the more extreme the hatred in the memes and other forms of brainwashing becomes.

Its interesting to note that recent mass shooters have posted their fascist manifestos on 8chan, a website run by supposedly retired US army personel.

I love trackng and even music made with basic waveforms or old technology but I am getting extremely tired of encountering fascist ‘psychological operations’ (psyops) associated with these kinds of music.

Has anyone noticed this as well?
I really dont want tracking to be taken over by these ‘hatefully laughing retards’ and subsequently be seen as far-right or fascist music.
The same thing happened in metal music.
I love heavy guitar riffs and fast double bass drumming but it pisses me off that more and more metal fans are finding it ‘funny and cool’ to say fascist things or laugh at people suffering.

Some memes and stuff may seem funny at first but watch what happens later on.
First its a ‘funny frog’ then its a white-supremecist or nazi symbol. Further down the line some dickhead from an online forum is shooting up south americans for no reason.

Just be aware of it. Little rich kids, just because they understand computers thinking they are the ‘elite’ and the most intelligent people on the planet spreading hateful shit, laughing along all the way…‘how succsessful we are’, ‘see how intelligent we are’, ‘isnt it funny that we have so much money and they dont’, ‘isnt it funny when other people die’…

Its fucking irritating…suddenly trackers and electronic music are inundated with these weird brainwashed retards, laughing and talking shit trying to gain popularity.

As far as I know 8chan, 4chan, 3chan and so on are references to 8channel music, 4channel music, 3channel music etc…so just be careful if your kids are getting into tracking as a hobby, let them know that some fascist pricks online will try to push their young minds towards idiocy and hatred through their music hobby.

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I’ve never seen any connection like that. At least not in the xm/it/renoise “scene”. If there are other subcultures making your claim relevant, I can’t say.

The only moderately right-wing connection I know of is the old Fairlight (“kill a commie for mommy”), which probably was more of a juvenile thing.

Use milkytracker, openmpt or Renoise and you should be safe :smile:

PS. Google says that the name 4chan is related to something else. Do you have some source claiming it has to do with 4 channel tracking?


I’ve heard there’s something similar happening in the world of synthwave / vaporwave music.

I probably don’t hang out in the right (alt-right?) forums where this is all going on. However I remember from the punk scene that eventually the community stood up, spoke up, and refused to tolerate Nazi ideology infiltrating the scene. There are plenty of forums like this one where people are just focused on the music - stick around!


It does remind me of when ‘punk’ and ‘metal’ people started doing things like sewing swastika patches onto their denim jackets and other clothing. They would always say its just ‘punk’ and not really fascist, or make some excuse like that. Maybe they themselves didnt really understand where it would lead in future.

Its only in the past few years that Ive seen stuff like this appearing.
Earlier on, tracker music didnt have any fascist content (or things which link/lead to fascist content).

About a year ago there was some guy who came onto renoise forums writing stuff about ‘cutting out peoples tongues’, ‘raping women’ and starting an ‘armed revolution’. That is an example of ‘overt fascism’ but now the fascist propaganda has become more sly and sneaky (covert).

The kind of fascist propaganda that is appearing seems like not so much a big deal at first like the example above. At first it seems like just ‘fun, cheesey 80s synth music’ after that its about ‘choosing a colour theme’, then it leads on to extreme hatred and violence along with articles about fascist ideology.

They try to make things look cute, fun and innocent…then it leads on to fascist stuff.
Things like ‘japanese cartoons’ and ‘pixel art’, chiptune’ and ‘nintendo’ seem to be funnelling people to fascist websites or humour which starts off quite funny and leads to nasty stuff.

Its similar to the Japanese fascist propaganda from the second world war. It tries to make fascism seem like a cute and funny fashion to draw people in. Like a soft toy, thats also a keyring with little cute cartoon face on a ‘zero fighter’…the kids were given toys like that before they grew up to brainwash them into becoming ‘kamikaze’ pilots…

Look at what happens when searching for funny memes, you end up with stuff like this (below). Its not funny at all…I just dont want to see tracker music and electronic music forums get infected with this shit…hateful and unintelligent people trying to make other software users ‘laugh along’…gradually increasing the severity of the things being laughed at to densensitize people to human suffering.

Future Composer 1.4 tunes and AHX neither! These are the only real chiptunes anyway!!

Yeah shit is spreading about anywhere where lost people with low self esteem and big frustration come together in a place that is marginally seperatable from the public recognition, the lost people being target of indoctrination to methods that seem to be based fundamentally on nurturing negative states of mind and also bon ignoring just about any ethical rules that might be in the way. It is not just the internet troll and freak communities, but just about any community with certain properties that is suitable to be object of injection of certain modes of behaviour, indoctrination and further control via hidden channels. They do the same thing with pensioneers movements, no shit, with the same ugly methods, just other tweakings of the parameters…

It is a very destructive thing going on. Well, I once read a scientific/psychological study, that found that about 2/3 of toddlers that were still unable to speak would when exposed to a puppet play show sympathetic behaviour for charakters that helped others that struggled. Yet about 1/3 showed signs of joy when being shown negative characters that downed other neutral or benign characters. So redemtion might be found in, that those negative fuckers are 1) not the majority of population and never will be, and more people could potentially stand in the way of their ignorance for ethical behaviour and 2) as they break any rules of fairness, they won’t be fair amongst each other as well, and probably destroy themselves in internal power struggle before they reach a state of world domination, or destruction, I’ve no clue what they want. It is spooky that they seem to be willing to use just about any means that suits them in their pursuits.

If this keeps getting bigger, it will soon show itself as a big problem destroying cohesion in society. It seems to be the millennial and after that generations that are vulnerable to the temptation of dropping all fairness for the fast success via aggressive means. I’m having my hopes cast on the Greta Thunberg generation, that seems to develop certain modes of reaction to the phenomenon, they might be still young, but might also be in shape when stuff starts boiling really hot in a decade or two.

In the mean time, we will be busy with shitty trolls and unfair attacks. Let’s keep loving them into shreds and pieces of their own shame, that’s the only way to do it I believe. Renoise forum is too wide and open audience to be easily infiltrated with hatred, but who knows what will happen. Other more secluded platforms might keep falling to the bullies. We feel it in the one drop - and we’ll still find time to rap…

I think I have a different stance on this… but I might be wrong.

The bigger problem that I see is the “easily triggered” and “holier-than-thou” mentality. This is actually more prevalent to the left of the political spectra. By nature, many people generally like to provoke a reaction, which might further trigger the easily triggered people. It’s a spiral, but I def put the blame more on the left for this development. The quest for victimhood privilege is sometimes out of control, and it’s a thing that feeds the trolls.

A good start is trying to be an adult, ignore the trolls, or take care of them if need be. There will always be idiots on this planet.


I see it through totally different eyes… I see the people on the street, the youngsters hanging about, I see the internet communities, the dark stuff is going everywhere. The aggression definately comes from the right side, also by means of subtly provoking responses and dragging down groups by putting trolls into them and letting them taint the whole thing with negativity.

Ofc it is okay to ignore trolls, better than giving in to their game and being aggressive yourself. But if a troll then goes shooting some foreigner or lefties, game is over, then there are dead and crippled innocent people, then it is about very serious things. And it just started, who knows where it will be going. Also I see their culture poisoning whole society, shifting boundaries ruthlessly - thing is starting to get big, and with ignoring it you cannot save society from such people, who think dropping fairness alltogether is a legitimate move on quest for power and for organising societies and defining culture. Because that is all it is about - it is a very destructive thing, the more I watch it taking off, the spookier it seems.

Sorry bro, that is just a world I would not like to live in, and ignoring the shit whenever you come up to it won’t prevent it becoming like that. It would just help them by not standing in the way of their manipulations, but it is taking a step aside out of their way and letting them do their business. You will see them taint communities and cause dismay, then when they have destroyed something you had taken for granted, you will also see it through different eyes, and it is just the beginning.

Don’t talk with a swede about society and politics, it is loss of time. Just look at their current politics. If they do the AfD thing, just kick them.

To the O.P.: I think there is no real relation between chiptunes and neonazi stuff. But maybe you can show me an example video or so? My impression at least is that chiptunes are used in any technical affine stream, no matter of politics.

What about opening an off-topic thread “What chiptune are you currently listening to”? Might be interesting.

This thread is missing Renoised and Vic :thinking:

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Dont read this shit, but fact is this: OP you are idiot!!!
All leftists must go f**k in da ass, coz they like this,and dont write stupid post in nonpolitical forum.

Very nice, the other tunes were nice, too! I really like this chiptune like ingame music (always wanted to do a remix of it, but too lazy):

I like how he modulated the PWM so it almost sounds like an lead e-guitar. There also was a version with Amiga filter enabled (sounding much better), but I cannot find it anymore.

This is some kind of nice chiptune player (also for macos!), including direct online connection/music database: (most recent version on github in releases section)
Just type “hybris” and select “in-game” :slight_smile:

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For me it is not a question of “leftism” or “liberalism” or any silly and fruitless fights between ideologic factions. It is a question of human communication, and what it does to the people involved. It is a question of decency, fairness, and respect, a question how people treat each other, how communication works.

Please do as the OP asked, google search for “meme” plus some other random keyword, go to the image tab. Use some simple keywords additionally to “meme”, and look what pictures emerge. Some might be okay or even funny, but you will see lots of pictures with really dumb, hateful down to strongly destructive messages. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, this is just what google will catch because it had lots of views.

These pictures seem to be rolling around social media plaforms, from mainstream like facebook down to more secluded image forums.

Now ask yourself, if there was a culture of showing each other such pictures for everyday communication, what would be the outcome of this? Would you show such pictures to your family, to children in your family, to your parents, to your grandparents? What would happen if you showed them to some random person in the supermarket, or your neighbors? What kind of social climate would that promote? All the disrespect, all the hate and scorn, like you would just tell any person that is standing in front of you into his face? Wouldn’t that person get angry, even beat you down for the disrespect?

I must admit, if any troll would want to do a face to face with me, I would not give in, I would not want to stand in front of such a hateful person. Because I know that person will not be able to negotiate in peaceful ways, but would just use verbal aggression and blunt rhetorical tricks, and maybe even violence as final consequence of his mood, to try to bring this stand into an outcome that seems like an easy “win” for him, with myself being unable to put any equivalent against his negativity that could calm down the situation.

You will find that all that such pictures will do is create artificial and negative seperations in society - they fuel hate, and move people apart instead of bringing peace and bringing people together. Now this what would happen if such communication would be mainstream behaviour - what a hateful world, how would people treat each other, in such a world - would you like to live in such a world? For me it is just the symptoms of a world, where people are generally hostile and against each other, instead of living with respect for each other.

I do however see, that the current and past world failed on the people who are now rolling on this shit. Our world failed to bring them any perspective, to bring them social acceptance and to provide chances for proper livelihood for such people. Now is the symptom, that these people will turn over and harm society in bad ways. And it just has begun.

I think the rise in popularity of the ‘alt right/fascism’ and ‘alternative facts/lies’ is a problem which emerges through people who have more money than others and their ideas about their place in the ‘pecking order’, or social heirarchy.

Perhaps they were the first to get a home computer back then in the late 80s and early 90s when other families couldnt afford such things. Later they were the first to get an internet connection, the first to get the latest gaming system etc.

As they were the first to get these things, they may have more understanding of the inner workings of computers, coding, gaming etc. This leads them to believe that they are inherently superior in ability and intelligence by nature rather than by nurture.

They seriously believe that they were born as superior beings but their thinking isnt advanced enough to consider the possibility that anyone with access to more funds and education throughout their life may develop more advanced abilities than those who did not have access to such things.

Honestly, when they see someone speak about the need for ‘tolerance’ their reaction is simple. What goes through their minds is “if I attack you constantly, give you endless death and rape threats while laughing hysterically, you cannot tolerate me, therefore your argument about tolerance is wrong”. This kind of thinking is really quite basic and one of the many examples of a ‘circular argument’, devoid of logic and intelligence, which can be heard regularly from families with a lot of money who basically do not want to pay more tax and just want ‘more expensive shit’.

I think some of the chiptune people got angry with poor people and people from other countries because all of a sudden they were no longer the best at it. As soon as people other than themselves had access to the education and technology, they produced nicer music and the ‘entitled little rich kids’ got jealous which made them feel that people like ‘richard spencer’ are cool and funny. Its kind of sad and pathetic. Ive seen a lot of this kind of childlike behaviour coming from people who are always the first to shout ‘I am an adult! You need to grow up!’, copying the very same statements they heard from their rich, stressed parents during their youth.

I should also add that there are of course rich families who are also intelligent and may want to do things for the good of humanity from time to time.

Those who preach hatred and racism and laugh at human suffering should consider what will happen if they continue to do so in the long term.
Those ideas such as ‘if you are non violent it is easy to defeat you with violence’ or ‘if you are very tolerant I can do anything I want to you’…those kinds of ideas do eventually lead to something that they wouldnt find very funny.

I can just see many people all around trying to sound like a businessman they saw on t.v, trying to emulate the behaviours of someone with money like a pathetic sicophant…not only people like trump but also successful gangsters, successful army personel etc.

It s a kind of weird suckup behaviour, lauging along with the successful guy (even if he is an idiot), pretending to like all the same things, copyng their clothing, putting on a fake accent when they speak…creating a whole invented persona to suck up to someone else to be able to get some of the resources that person has.

When you look at an example of a meme which makes light of human suffering like the example above and come to the conclusion that the problem is being easily triggered, I think there must be some error in thinking. After all if your child was dying of starvation, covered in flies, someone took a picture and put a sentence above it making fun of the starvation and death of your family members, then encouraged a large number of people to laugh at your child dying online, wouldnt that ‘trigger’ you?

whatever, I just find that kind of sick humour from 4chan, 8chan, 3chan really unacceptable…also similar things can be found coming from other groups around the world, not only americans and europeans. Reality is much more nuanced than the ‘black and white’ arguments presented to the population through the medium of television.

My god, what a wall of horse shit this is. Really annoying to read. Why not post in the 4chan forum?

Why be such a bitch?

It was about memes, right?


Probably. But that doesn’t give me the right to demand that other people mustn’t joke about it. If you find a particular kind of ‘comedy’ too lacking in taste, I advise you to move on.

It’s quite pointless moralizing about other people’s sense of “humour”. Especially when you haven’t understood the basic elements and mechanism of it - in terms of venting, distancing and breaking taboos (or rather, in fact reproducing them).


Because you sound like someone who smokes a lot of hash every day, and then drifts away into conspiracy theories. It looks to me like you are mixing up cause and effect, no, you even are doing random cause and effect connections. And it looks to me that you are not interested in a well thought analysis of a problem, but want to spread really bad energy instead, using a lot of negative wordings and prejudices, putting humans into drawers/abstract groups (groups only to make it more easy for you). A lot of underlying assumptions you do here seem to be complete nonsense, maybe coming from a paranoid mind or low self esteem, then you mix a lot of topics which do not belong together. I have no idea what your goal is, but I think you will not go anywhere with this attitude, except adding even more useless content to the internet. Actually I believe you may sound very similar to those 4chan people you hate so much. Maybe you are just writing about yourself, hating to look into the mirror?

I clicked this topic, since I am interested in chiptunes, and the topic implied there were kind of “nazi-chiptunes”.

So you are saying that if someone was posting a picture of your child dying with a comical caption and encouraging others to laugh at your child dying as a form of ‘taboo comedy’, you would be triggered but you would also have to accept that you cant control peoples sense of humour?

@ffx…yeah, I like chiptune too. I like to write tunes with basic waveforms. However, there is a connection somewhere amongst all ‘chiptuners’ between chiptune and 4chan and the far right. In fact its not only the far right. There is also some connection between chiptune and ‘key register’ software used for cracking software that you would normally have to pay for. The connection between that kind of hacking and extortion and other types of crimes is also somewhere there. 4chan-chiptune-key register-extortion-snooping and blackmail…etc.

My posts are a bit too long but one last thing.

In general around the world you can see a bunch of sicophant ‘yes-men’ sucking up to some rich guys, who in turn start to beleive all people less privelaged than themselves are as stupid and pathetic as their ‘yes-men’. The ‘yes-men’ copy this behaviour to suck up to their rich guys even more. For example using the same arrogant ways of speaking and smug put downs. When this process spirals out of control you can have whole communities of people acting like idiots and laughing at stuff thats not funny, like all the bullshit ‘chan’ websites, or all this political hype trying to make white supremacists seem cool and funny because they have ‘4chan humour’. Its really pathetic.

I cant be bothered with someone who is arguing ‘you smoke hash!’ (what wrong with that?), or ‘you are spreading bad energy!’ or some smug bullshit trying to sound like an expert talking of ‘mid to low self esteem’.

Are you a fan of 4chan’s ‘human suffering memes’?
Why do you feel you have to defend them so much?

The connection between chiptune, gaming, 4chan, hacking and far-right terrorism is really there.

I do like some chiptune though. Its fun and needs only cheap equipment to write.
Thats whats so annoying. I like it, I dont want fascist retards all over the shit