The connection between 'chiptune' and fascism?

I just wonder why the hell you are at all visiting a 4chan forum, to get a brain bleeding? Ask yourself why are you so attracted to it? My google results for meme show zero evil ones, seems like google already created your personal bubble for you based on your interests, not mine. I also don’t visit pedophile forums, or watch torture videos. I cannot care for the shit of the whole world and that is also really useless.

Its because there was a mass shooting recently.
The shooter was an 8chan and 4chan user and targetted south american people in a walmart.
Just before he shot everyone he posted his manifesto about white supremacy there on 8chan.
8chan got closed down.

You are right, there is too much shit in the world to absorb the details of every peice of it. Lifes too short.

However, right now where I live Ive got many fascist retards pissing me off…they just get inside fun things and ruin them…heavy metal, punk, chiptune, pixel art, gaming…anything…whatever thing you like doing they are there to bite someone elses shit and claim it as their own shit (copy and claim as their own).

Im as tired of memes as I am of adverts with sexual innuendos…the shit is annoying, its not funny…some of them are straight up evil…

i could take some strange quote from you and post it out of context, with a picture of you, making a meme…haha wouldnt that be funny

So… anything new about this story on the Dayton shooter?

There are a lot of psychologically sick persons, esp. in the internet, since it helps isolated people to communicate. But I am pretty sure the vast majority wants democracy, equal rights, peace and respect. But this is “boring” to report of, the click rate will be low. So you are just a useful rat.

Media reports of anything today usually are the lowest quality you could imagine (it is even lower), putting people into drawers, using lot of prejudices, not even doing any kind of investigation or analysis or historical context, actually media very often is used to brainwash the crowd for specific political directions, so there will be political motivations imputed. This needs to happen in the most quick and cheap way, like copying-pasting the text straight from the propaganda department. But in reality, it was a really sick and sad person, maybe narcissistic or psychopathic, scape goating others for own fails and weakness. So trapped in a delusion that he did this completely useless and unbelievable dumb mass killing, like fighting the universe or something.

There are two main motivations in media today: Having a good click rate and forcing stupid political views (like we have to go to war with iran now, or similar, currently read everywhere in Germany).

If there are a lot of psychopathic shootings in the U.S., I would say you people seriously should have a really rigid weapon law and care much more for each other, so having a problem deep in your society. You need to address this cause.

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Its like a pyramid scheme with oil companies and weapons manufacturers big bosses, surrounded by sicophants, some of them very rich and succsessful, who are in turn surrounded by sicophants, who are in turn surrounded by sicophants…they all have somethng to gain if they can cheat someone on a lower rung than them, which is funny to them because the people they are sucking up to find it funny because they have something to gain.

As in a pyramid, the base is larger, so at the bottom of this pile you have a huge mass of people who just react to things. If someone is laughing, the natural reaction is to laugh as well, something must be funny right?

There are of course lunatics of the far left such as polpot but that is not really the problem in America and Europe right now.

Most of the people, no matter what race they are or what political views they hold are just a bit overweight, slightly depressed and bored office workers or retail workers.

The word meme was originally supposed to describe a piece of knowledge that is passed down through the generations…look at how lame it has become. Too many little brainwashing flashcards, most of them come from a person without any talent for humour. Its too easy…similar to sarchasm being the lowest form of wit.

Im just tired of this blonde toupee guy and all his online followers…shit is getting annoying. If its still democracy people can always get someone else in to clean up all the mess hes made afterwards if that is even possible.

Honestly, I met people from iran. Pretty cool, no problem at all…I guess its only the leadership and those that are fanatical about the leadership that are lunatics…otherwise its a place full of normal people like anywhere else.

Not many people know there was Taiwanese fascism at one point…anyway the fascisms from around the world in the past all look pretty similar to the fascisms which are denying fascism while still being fascism around the world today.

Endless repetition of annoying humour about others suffering.
Arguments with no logic shouting people down always constantly interrupting, bursting out laughing at things which are not funny.

Always invading another country for more oil and to sell and develop more weapons.

Sure, it is not a real democracy, indeed I would also agree with it, in fact is a pyramid system. But any kind of 4chan horseshit will not change anything of this. It is just a welcome distraction from the real enemies/the real cause, which are above you, not left, not below below, not even right. The guys who now want a new war in Iran are the enemies, for example. That is real mass killing, and it will be reported humanity act. Memes of pervert 4chan users do not matter at all. Clear your cookies, install anonymizer and never ever visit 4chan again.

Sadly the right wing people often do not realize it, maybe because this stream attracts the conservative minds more, being afraid of change and unknown. It seems to be a deep fear, maybe also to take responsibility. So the new national pride streams also are a welcome distraction. The strategy over there always is to find a scape goat. I think that actually is the oldest political trick in human history.

the memes are just as annoying as adverts with a catchphrase…they catch your eye with an image and put some annoying message into your head which isnt cool or funny but makes a sad attempt to be

heres one from nescafe…i dont want to read that shit…nescafe and nestle are pretty musch fascist too, although everyone still loves kitkats and mint aeros

I don’t get it, sorry. Install adblocker, don’t watch private tv? Or better do not watch tv at all?

all these memes and weird slang words like ‘cuck’, ‘alpha’, ‘beta’…or little annoying expressions like for example 'he was a great painter…art, its in his DNA. Or just all this internet slang abbreviation ‘ROFL’ and stuff like that…its like army propaganda, reminds me of military abbreviations like ‘SNAFU’ and so on, coming out from 4chan and other websites like that.

There are american and russian psychological operations everywhere online…maybe they aim to prepare peoples minds for a large war (they must become stupid, unquestioning, laughing as a group at nothing, obedient and violent).

As I said, any distraction is welcome for our leading “elite”, and they will even add fuel to the fire. Do not be their marionette.

The brainwashing is getting stronger…a lot of people are trying to act like successful businessmen…but they arent successful and they dont have the vocabulary to pull it off successfully.

Some the crap it is by people who just imitate others, but some is also actually produced in an organised manner:

Here in Germany a little is know about how it works, because some activist group have infiltrated the basic levels of one of their structures, “Reconquista Germanica”. They organised people in layers and made them manipulate the web on command of higher levels, also with memes that were generated by “specialists” in organised think tanks just like ammo for soldiers. I bet they are very keen on their methods, always trying to refine things that would be helpful in infiltrating groups or the public and slowly try to shift the governing mentality in them. Always remember, some of the stuff you see on the web might be created by idiots, but some might be quasi a tactical weapon in a cultural war that is going on everywhere in the developed world.

And those are unpleasant stinkers and cheaters in that war, they always keep trying to use methods that others would disdain because of ethical reasons. They want to win…the world! With any means, it seems…

But the world has since ever been like that, like a pyramid of delusion where people struggle with each other to reach the top, or just give in and be steps of the pyramid themselves. Some people like it, and struggle. Others notice how painful and unsatisfactory the whole thing is, and do a step aside if they can, to try to learn about the suffering going on, removing themselves from it. It however seems like the people involved in the pyramid don’t like intervention by people removing themselves from the game, as they also don’t like people removing themselves, every human is a ressource and bears positive or negative potential in the eyes of certain people.

Click here to see the link (forum bug above)

The ‘world wide web’ itself first came about as a creation by CERN, an organization associated with the military in researching nuclear energy, for weapons and power stations alike. In a sense, the internet itself can trace its roots to weapons companies.

Many different psychological methods used to influence large numbers of people are becoming more and more prevalent online in recent years. Some of these methods of influence must be targetted campaigns coordinated by some military or corporate powers as a part of their psychological operations programs. Psychological operations are just a small part of ‘electronic warfare’ which may include causing power failures, or sending ransomware to hospitals or any weapon which uses or effects electrical things…electro magnetic pulse weapons, microwave weapons etc.

Until now it has just been annoying like spam emails or youtube conspiracy suggestions and only really affected people who were quite gullible already (flat earth, david icke, lizard people, roswell, ancient aliens etc) but recently it seems to have the power to actually mobilise people and cause them to shoot at other people which is quite worrying.

Even the earlier things like ‘flashmobs’, in which people gather to dance unexpectedly in central urban spaces may have been experiments in ‘influence and suggestion’.

For now, the suggestion and influence is still something that can be turned off at will.

The annoying thing is that a lot of the propaganda is actually quite entertaining.
I was watching ‘the walking dead’…it seems to be propaganda too, or at least as much as ‘lord of the rings’ or ‘game of thrones’ anyway.

I think vanity fair is a piece of horseshit. Actually I thought the AfD is organising a lot of right propaganda content in youtube… Not some stupid meme using trolls…? Meme only works on people lacking of self awareness and own thoughts, why are you over and over repeating this meme horse shit.

Your conspiracy shit sucks, go fuck off. Ah man, I hate this weed bullshit.

well, an advert for nescafe is bullshit the first time you see it and you think ‘that would never effect me’, but then one day you are in the supermarket and you find yourself choosing nescafe over another brand of instant coffee and you dont know why.

why do you hate weed so much dude?

Because it is so stupid what you are writing that it hurts physically, since after two posts, you have reached conspiracy terrain again. Deal with real world problems, or please, shut the fuck up.

Of course I won’t buy nestle stuff, since I am self aware, not a consume zombie, and I have seen many Nestle commercials. Sometimes though there might be Nestle only as choice. Also maybe you buy a brand which is produced by Nestle and you don’t know. Important is that you know Nestle is evil, and you tell that all your friends, over and over if required. Actually avoiding Nestle is pretty easy, because it is overpriced and tastes like shit.

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electronic warfare and psychological operations are not conspiratorial concepts but proven facts.

In what way are mass shootings, in all probability caused by influences from 8chan not real world problems?

I can shut the fuck up, but only because I am quite tired, not because you request that I do so.

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Yesterday I learned what the word ‘instantaneous’ in computer programming means. Today I learned that there is a link between chiptunes and the political far right (maybe even Roswell and project MKUltra are also involved.)

So that’s it then. The human race sucks.

I’ll make myself some coffee and sit down :coffee: