The connection between 'chiptune' and fascism?

I don’t get it, sorry. Install adblocker, don’t watch private tv? Or better do not watch tv at all?

all these memes and weird slang words like ‘cuck’, ‘alpha’, ‘beta’…or little annoying expressions like for example 'he was a great painter…art, its in his DNA. Or just all this internet slang abbreviation ‘ROFL’ and stuff like that…its like army propaganda, reminds me of military abbreviations like ‘SNAFU’ and so on, coming out from 4chan and other websites like that.

There are american and russian psychological operations everywhere online…maybe they aim to prepare peoples minds for a large war (they must become stupid, unquestioning, laughing as a group at nothing, obedient and violent).

As I said, any distraction is welcome for our leading “elite”, and they will even add fuel to the fire. Do not be their marionette.

The brainwashing is getting stronger…a lot of people are trying to act like successful businessmen…but they arent successful and they dont have the vocabulary to pull it off successfully.

Some the crap it is by people who just imitate others, but some is also actually produced in an organised manner:

Here in Germany a little is know about how it works, because some activist group have infiltrated the basic levels of one of their structures, “Reconquista Germanica”. They organised people in layers and made them manipulate the web on command of higher levels, also with memes that were generated by “specialists” in organised think tanks just like ammo for soldiers. I bet they are very keen on their methods, always trying to refine things that would be helpful in infiltrating groups or the public and slowly try to shift the governing mentality in them. Always remember, some of the stuff you see on the web might be created by idiots, but some might be quasi a tactical weapon in a cultural war that is going on everywhere in the developed world.

And those are unpleasant stinkers and cheaters in that war, they always keep trying to use methods that others would disdain because of ethical reasons. They want to win…the world! With any means, it seems…

But the world has since ever been like that, like a pyramid of delusion where people struggle with each other to reach the top, or just give in and be steps of the pyramid themselves. Some people like it, and struggle. Others notice how painful and unsatisfactory the whole thing is, and do a step aside if they can, to try to learn about the suffering going on, removing themselves from it. It however seems like the people involved in the pyramid don’t like intervention by people removing themselves from the game, as they also don’t like people removing themselves, every human is a ressource and bears positive or negative potential in the eyes of certain people.

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The ‘world wide web’ itself first came about as a creation by CERN, an organization associated with the military in researching nuclear energy, for weapons and power stations alike. In a sense, the internet itself can trace its roots to weapons companies.

Many different psychological methods used to influence large numbers of people are becoming more and more prevalent online in recent years. Some of these methods of influence must be targetted campaigns coordinated by some military or corporate powers as a part of their psychological operations programs. Psychological operations are just a small part of ‘electronic warfare’ which may include causing power failures, or sending ransomware to hospitals or any weapon which uses or effects electrical things…electro magnetic pulse weapons, microwave weapons etc.

Until now it has just been annoying like spam emails or youtube conspiracy suggestions and only really affected people who were quite gullible already (flat earth, david icke, lizard people, roswell, ancient aliens etc) but recently it seems to have the power to actually mobilise people and cause them to shoot at other people which is quite worrying.

Even the earlier things like ‘flashmobs’, in which people gather to dance unexpectedly in central urban spaces may have been experiments in ‘influence and suggestion’.

For now, the suggestion and influence is still something that can be turned off at will.

The annoying thing is that a lot of the propaganda is actually quite entertaining.
I was watching ‘the walking dead’…it seems to be propaganda too, or at least as much as ‘lord of the rings’ or ‘game of thrones’ anyway.

I think vanity fair is a piece of horseshit. Actually I thought the AfD is organising a lot of right propaganda content in youtube… Not some stupid meme using trolls…? Meme only works on people lacking of self awareness and own thoughts, why are you over and over repeating this meme horse shit.

Your conspiracy shit sucks, go fuck off. Ah man, I hate this weed bullshit.

well, an advert for nescafe is bullshit the first time you see it and you think ‘that would never effect me’, but then one day you are in the supermarket and you find yourself choosing nescafe over another brand of instant coffee and you dont know why.

why do you hate weed so much dude?

Because it is so stupid what you are writing that it hurts physically, since after two posts, you have reached conspiracy terrain again. Deal with real world problems, or please, shut the fuck up.

Of course I won’t buy nestle stuff, since I am self aware, not a consume zombie, and I have seen many Nestle commercials. Sometimes though there might be Nestle only as choice. Also maybe you buy a brand which is produced by Nestle and you don’t know. Important is that you know Nestle is evil, and you tell that all your friends, over and over if required. Actually avoiding Nestle is pretty easy, because it is overpriced and tastes like shit.

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electronic warfare and psychological operations are not conspiratorial concepts but proven facts.

In what way are mass shootings, in all probability caused by influences from 8chan not real world problems?

I can shut the fuck up, but only because I am quite tired, not because you request that I do so.

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Yesterday I learned what the word ‘instantaneous’ in computer programming means. Today I learned that there is a link between chiptunes and the political far right (maybe even Roswell and project MKUltra are also involved.)

So that’s it then. The human race sucks.

I’ll make myself some coffee and sit down :coffee:


Chiptune, chiptune, über alles!

Turn off your screens and go and read a book, or look at trees and birds ffs. The internet isn’t the world.


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So back to the app I posted above, install it you all, and tell me your discoveries.

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By the way, with “pyramid” I didn’t mean any fancy organisation sceme guided by ominous hidden heads or so. I do not like interpreting with uncertain facts, and I’m not so much into conspiracy theories because of that. I just meant the fact, that in any human society apart from some indigenous, there seems to be a certain distribution of wealth, access to ressources and knowledge, and general amount of everyday suffering, that is like a pyramid - with a few people in the top zone, that are rich, and own and control vital aspects of the whole society, through different levels of workers with rising amount of people depending on their life situation, up to a large amount of those who could be considered the bottom or even outside of the base of the pyramid. Ofc it is not always pyramid shaped, could also be like a bottle, etc. All the people of course don’t really choose deliberately, they get into their position by birth into a certain situation, and might expose struggle in the ways of society that could move them up, or failing to cope with society, which would let one slide down. I mean noone chooses what chances is given to him, when he is born into some level.

@brinemeister, you seem to like looking at things, trying to understand how they are composed, and you try to do so with whole society. Being aware of things is a good thing, but you sound so full of scorn and resentful. That is not helpful to the problem… I also think a certain kind of people messes with the way world is, making it a very hard place to be. But in struggling with that a negative mind will just drag you further down. I mean cmon, most of us still have a roof over their heads and enough to eat, and looking by how hard nature normally works, this is like a miracle. Also try to see the people who are not like those whom you criticise for their lack of fairness. We’re all in the same boat. We don’t shift weights of action in proper ways by being negative, even towards people who don’t like to restrain themselves with fairness. But we do shift weights by making all other people strong! And having to cope with hardship can sometimes be considered ill fate, but sometimes also can be a chance by forcing you to find ways to cope with the problems in creative ways, growing upon yourself and in abilities. Be aware not the whole world is made out of bullies, and who really want can still try to take a leap and move to some small island full of hippies somewhere. Even moving to a rural area can sometimes be a great step to evade any stress that comes with places where people mess with each other in the hard ways that are possible with being a human.

Nice you are trying to objectify your statement. Still, I think you are wrong in some really important details, which again makes your statement a bit of conspiracy: Today the vast majority actually has access to mostly all important knowledge, mainly thru internet or education. The really poor, living in slums may have not. But it is not true for almost all in the western hemisphere. And even if your have your harddrive full of the most important knowledge of the world, you still can be dumb. Which brings me to the most important aspect, which is the psychological view. If you never really learned how to learn for yourself, let’s say in the first 10 years of your life, because your circumstances were pretty bad, chances are high, that you will never learn it, or even refuse to learn. Since learning deep, complicated stuff is tough, and requires time and inner calm, and if you are not trained, it produces pain. It is like doing extremely hard muscle training. And if you stop, you will slowly loose that ability, too.

Then there may are hidden organisations in the upper caste, but the major motor for the extreme inequality is the capitalistic system itself, of course, with its absurd inner laws like if you have a lot of money, it is pretty easy to get even more, but if you have no money, it is extremely hard to get even some money. This even is like an exponential curve, and will cause a concentration of all money to a handful of “familien unternehmen” in the near future. You can work as hard as you want, you won’t beat that mechanism of this unfair system. So there is no need for conspiracy organisations at all, the most of them are viewable in public, they just use propaganda language to make you believe they were important for your safety and life. Like NATO, IWF, Transatlantik Bridge, Wallstreet, etc. (of course also non western organisations). These all basically are there to cement the current power structure, but are mostly very anti-democratic.

What I mean is, try to look on your table and look what is exactly there, instead searching under the cupboard. Then you actually had a chance to actually change something.

When a tall gentleman of a think tank makes a public speech, it sounds like a conspiracy theory

Well, this seems to be true. Having polish roots, I can approve that the U.S. is interested in this kind of anti democratic Polish leadership. And Poland now gets most gas from U.S. fracking. It is pretty frightening that huge parts of the U.S. government seem to see military actions as a economical tool, including nuclear weapons. That indeed is extremely cynical and anti-democratic and of course extremely dumb. As a Russian, I would feel pretty threatened by the U.S. On the other hand, the reaction of Russia is not any better, it is the same idiocy of retarded old men. None country should have any kind of nuclear weapons. Did you see that the U.S. just opened a new super computer, which they use to calculate nuclear weapon development? These responsible people are really the scum of the humanity.

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