The Crap Compo

Okay kids, time for a change ;)

I present: (drum rolls and all that stuff)


(drum break with cymbals)

The rules:

  1. no actuall music allowed (read the site faq)
  2. white and pink noise allowed
  3. all formats allowed including modules and mp3s and whatever (altho mp3 would be prefferable)
  4. the best piece of shit wins (also read the faq)

The deadline is quite short: 30th of May, 2006
But I don’t think you need such a long time to make up some crap, right? ;)

And here’s the site:

Bad luck to everybody!


awesome! i’m in! i’ve got some good ideas!

edit: are we allowed to submite more than one entry?

Q: this compo is crap!!!
A: yes


Since no music or melodies is allowed i cant be in for the compo… cause it dont make sense to me…

PS! oh and btw, this compo is crap!!

it will after you listen to my entry … why? because it is crap!

@dj io:
Only one entry per fellow. I guess I should have posted that in the rules…

Well, that’s the whole idea. Stop making melodies and beats and groove, and make some shit for once. Enter it and maybe you’ll win. Easy as that :lol:


Website edited with the rules addons and stuff…

I`ve heard a lot of crap with melodies and only a few without…sounds like not easy task :P

i’m planning on winning. i’m planning on making something so terrible that even Cdnalsi won’t be able to listen to it

where’s the crappy samplepack…

and another thing…

what kind of crap can you win?

Well, there’s no samplepack. I didn’t want to impose any shit to anyone :P

And the prize is a surprise crap! :D

Yes, well, no :P

8 entries in 24 hours!!

heheh… you get around, don’t you Cdnalsi? ;)

I’ve got 4 minutes of crap… but I can’t release it until the 30th
(obligatory constipation joke – sorry :P )

did I mention my crap is made entirely in Renoise? :D

Wait a minute…!!! Cdnalsi… That’s Cubase spelled backwards! You are gonna use these songs in badmouthing drive against Renoise and say, “look, you can’t make anything but crap with Renoise”, aren’t you!

At first I didn’t see any logic in having a crap compo but it’s all very clear to me now. ;)


good thing i didnt send my crap!!

Done and delivered. :)

the last Crap I had to listen to was this crap and it is on the billboard-charts here. So, I cannot produce something this crappy.

do a bob sinclair like remix of it Marc :D
like that… Love generation…

almost better than Schnappi. das kleine Crokodill.

no no, i can clearly hear music and mlodies and rhythms, so this cant qualify for crap in any way!!

That just means for me that you have a wide spectrum about what should be called music :) For me that is just crap. But as this is not my personal entry, I am out of this discussion :)

Almost everything I’ve made qualifies…

do you have to make it especially for the comp or can I just submit one of my many pre-existing pieces of crap?