The Dead Dog'S Renoise Comp Round 2

Voting ends 12PM (Noon) Wednesday 17th November.

Voting Pack:

Soundcloud Set:

Tempo: Any
Genre: Any
Time Signature: Any
Compulsory Sample: Yes.
Additional Rules: Renoise only. All features, functions, DSPs etc of Renoise allowed. Samples provided only.
Submissions: Please submit links for download to me via PM so we can keep voting closed. Audio file accepted, preferably mp3 at 320kbs; other encodings and rates acceptable. .XRNS submissions also accepted, preferably alongside a audio file but in isolation only (allowing Demo users to join in.) Would be extra nice if people can provide both.

Sample Pack:

Deadline: 12am (Midnight) UK times this Wednesdayy/Thursday 10/11th Novmber.

whew! it’s going fast. will not be participating in this one, i’ll keep to the weekend rounds!
by the way, making good progress on the website. requested dupoxy for his logo-design-thingy, so waiting for that. right now i only have to set up navigation, and tweak some minor stuff, and we’re ready to roll. making it pretty easy (i think!) for you to update. everything in its right place. will PM you when i finish it, so you can have a look.

Sorry that was a typo now 2 hourish…

Sample pack and rules added.

There is something wrong in the sample pack!

Should be, I downloaded and tested it when I uploaded it about 12 hours before the start. Downloading and checking a second time though…

Don’t think it’s quite as good a pack as the first one but that’s random chance for you ;)

Or did I confuse myself and leave the wrong Compulsory Sample in there?

Oh I see now. Ignore the fact that folder has (Rhowaldt) on it, it actually contains your sample. That’s a bit silly of me innit!

I can’t edit on the server so think we’ll have to live with that silly mistake.

I nitpick, that’s not really important! ;)
And I should be working on a music right now.

thanks for the honorable mention anyway :slight_smile:

Will try to join the next one, this one is too late for me to finish in time i guess…Going to try and vote tho :walkman:

14 hours left. May try and get something done myself, although was meant to be going on a protest about the changes the UK has recently made to university fees. But as my girlfriend has just royally pissed me off so I told her to get out I doubt I’ll be going…


Another 9 hours to go if you crack on…

nah, I gave up… Maybe next time…

Come on guys!

I started something about an hour ago but really not liking it so far. Been too long since I tried to write anything I’m basically having to reteach myself what I’m doing and haven’t really got enough time to do so…

not that i really know anything about these compos (i enjoy listening through the tunes though) but couldn’t the entries just be saved for the next slot if there are too few entries?

I think this competition need to be kept for the week end. I’m skipping a class to finish my submission :P.

What’s too few? Single entry and they just get to choose the Rules for the next one with no competition (although it would be a shame.) Extending it to the next Round would mean making it almost two weeks of Tracking, rather than two days. Think we’ll just have to live with it and I have a feeling weekend rounds are going to be the busier, although I do think it’s nice to have both to give people with all lifestyles a chance of finding one they can enter.

üav: Don’t worry, next Round will be on a weekend again and I’m sure your studies aren’t that important :P

In fact i’m studying audio engineering

I’d skip a class to do this if I could, but am unfortunately at work. I’ll be in for the next one though.