The Dead Dog'S Renoise Comp Round 7

And the winner is…

Drum roll if you please…


Fabulous work mate. Hope to see your involvement in more future rounds :)

Tracking time over, please vote for best cover of a boy band song above.

Get the tracks here:

Deadline for voting 12 Noon GMT Tuesday 25th January 2011

Deadline for entries 12 Noon (GMT) 20th Janurary 2011.

This round has a VERY generously donated price of a £20 voucher to be spent at :)

OK round in many ways is going to be one of the most open so far. I will start with the basic brief.

Now what constitutes a cover and what a remix is a matter of debate. You may very well cover a metal track in a jazz style, or a folk song into blues. I would say that generally a cover will follow the form of a song, and multiple arrangements. A remix may only take the chorus or hook and use that, nothing else.

Sample pack is provided (link at bottom) but for this round you are allowed all the tools in your arsenal, as long as Renoise is the main composition tool. This means you have access to your whole sample library, collection of virtual synths and third party DSPs to use as you wish.

Recording of you own, or a friends vocals (“while a bikini girl dance in front of them”) is allowed. Using a synthesised lead sound to replace the vocal is also more than acceptable (“I think it’s a better idea to let peoples find a better synth lead line than the original singings.”) Finding and using acapellas of the original songs is out though!

Sample pack:

Hope that all makes sense and good luck everybody.

@kazakore: fucking brilliant man, this is gonna be so much fun.

Thank Uav, not me. I just instigate other people’s ideas and inspiration.

Yes, I hope you have fun doing this.
For me a remix includes some of the original sounds, the structure of the song can be heavily changed, while a cover does not include samples of the original song, and keep the overall structure.

News in: This round has a prise of a £20 voucher to be spent at Boomkat.

Personally I hope you don’t spend it on boy band rubbish but it’s totally up to you ;)

damn. in that case: fucking brilliant üav.

i do enjoy that with weekly compos i can try and join in for each one, instead of having to let the ones during the week slip. anyway, i’ll see what i come up with this weekend.

Hilarious! This sounds like a lot of fun, but all of the three vids are unavailable for me.
Maybe “bands” & titles are sufficiant to get going. :D

No, I’m not behind the Great Wall… :wacko:

New Kids On The Block - Summertime

Backstreet Boys - Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

*NSYNC - Bye Bye Bye

(To find out I just clicked on all three links and I have to say it probably sounds better with all three playing at once out of time than listening to any one of them ;) )


My girlfriend just came in and caught me watching those videos. Went WTF?!?
Then she started to dance to BSB. this bothers me. :blink: :lol:

Back Street Boys AND New Kids on the Block! Is it the 2011 new year again!?

Sound fun but what is exactly a cover? What is allowed to sound like, what is not? Can the mood of the track be changed? Should it be easily recognizable even if i use the exact same structure but pretty much differents sounds/drums?

I have problems understanding this, i found some hints with google but thats still not very clear.

fuck yeah, Backstreetboys - Everybody is genius, that’ll be my pick (unless i cannot pull off a proper cover ofcourse).

@mammoth: you know what a cover is. if somebody plays a hiphop-tune on his guitar, that’s a cover. if somebody plays a classical piece on a gameboy, that’s a cover. don’t get too much into definitions and just have fun. (also, i think kazakore was pretty clear in his initial post)

i’ll do my absolute best not to back out of this one and get my entry in on time. however, i would like to say that i truly underestimated the amount of time that goes onto doing a thing like this. i am certainly no musical prodigy, and need all sorts of websites and software to help me figure out what chords are being played and stuff like that, and it just took me all evening putting the basic melody and songstructure of the song into Renoise. goddamn. still, as always, learning a lot, loving it, and going strong, but i’ll most probably submit something a wee bit shorter than the original… sort of a summary-cover.

ok, back to work.

24 hours to get your emeries in lads and ladies. Hope you’ve all had fun doing this one :slight_smile:

Done. :unsure:

i’ve spent a lot of hours into making the track i just submitted, but sadly it never came to a point where i was in any way content with the way it sounded. it would’ve taken even more time for me to get it into something worthwhile. so i’m submitting just for laughs i guess (even though i have no idea what the rest of you have done with this).

i get something out of every competition here, and this time i got a reestablishment of the fact of my terrible knowledge of musical basics (lots of time going into figuring out chords, finding out how they are played on piano and then putting that into Renoise - listened to the goddamn song one too many times) and also how difficult it is to reproduce something like this, and even how well made some of these boyband-tracks really are.
in the end, it stopped being fun and started to feel like work, so i stopped and played Fallout New Vegas because that turned out to be way more fun :). no to bash this round, i still really like the idea, it just turns out it wasn’t for me.

really curious to hear what others have come up with.

Isn’t that where the Internet, Google and downloadable MIDI files or Guitar Music comes in handy Rhowaldt? :P

yeah, what i did was look up the guitar tab, selected the notes in ‘All That Chords’ software, so i’d see which keys to press to play a chord, and build that in Renoise. hadn’t thought of midi honestly, would’ve been another option indeed, and maybe a faster one too. i’m not that skilled in doing stuff like this so i might’ve chosen the long road, because it sounds like a lot faster workflow than it actually is. that, and the song i chose is not so straightforward as it might sound, with lots of breaks and time-tricks and stuff, so it was not as easy as copy-paste after i put everything in Renoise.

but, all of those are excuses for the simple fact that i got tired of doing it and resorted to playing post-apocalyptical videogames to satisfy my fun-seeking needs.

Well time is well and truly over, been busy at work so not updated here.

I will check the entries for ID3 tags and the like once I’m home and upload. Surprisingly (or just depressingly) few entries, but nevermind. Perhaps the thought of having to listen to one of those songs so many times put a lot of people off. At least it increases people’s chances of winningS some money to spend on music ;)

Vote pack up.

Personally I think we have a clear winner but we’ll see how voting goes…

Thanks to all contestants and hope to see you again :)